‘Asteroid’ filmed crashing into Earth behind volcano in astonishing footage

Incredible footage appearing to show an asteroid plummeting from the sky before crashing behind a huge volcano has gone viral online.

The video shows the silhouette of Mount Merapi in Indonesia on February 29 – just days before its eruption on Tuesday.

To the left of the screen, a bright object hurtles across the sky with a trail of light behind it.

It seems to mirror the course and trajectory of asteroids before disappearing behind the volcano.

For several moments, nothing happens but suddenly a huge flash is seen coming from behind Merapi.

YouTube user MrMBB333 was sent the footage by Jenni J and is convinced the flash of light proves the “asteroid”.

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“Look at the low trajectory of that thing,” he says in the clip. “That’s no fireball that’s a large asteroid – at least the size of a truck.”

“It goes behind the volcano and then here comes the large flash, just incredible.”

More than 48,000 people have seen the clip since it was posted on March 2 and viewers were split over what it could be.

“That smoke trail is not behaving like an asteroid,” one sensationally claimed. “Looks like a downed craft in progress.”

Another conspiracist added: “That doesn’t look like an asteroid to me more than likely a shot down UFO.”

One questioned the “explosion”, asking: “Why does it seem like that flash should have come way sooner.”

A fourth was equally sceptical, claiming the video had been “edited” to “make it more interesting”.

“Right before the flash it looks like there was a cut in the film and then when you see the flash it doesn’t line up with where the asteroid would have landed,” a fifth added.

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