Aussie supermodel Elle Macpherson shares her FIVE hair care secrets

Elle Macpherson, 58, spills her FIVE hair secrets for luscious locks: from avoiding daily washing to using a silk pillowcase – and claims she has NO grey hair

  • Supermodel Elle Macpherson has shared how she maintains her radiant locks
  • The 58-year-old listed five go-to tips on her supplement company’s blog 
  • She swears by nourishing your body from the inside and using silk pillowcases 
  • Elle admitted her hair hasn’t always been well kept and now takes supplements 

Aussie supermodel Elle Macpherson is renowned for her radiant, luscious locks and youthful complexion.

And now the 58-year-old has shared her golden tips to promote hair growth all year round – including taking care of yourself from the inside out and sleeping with silk pillowcases.

In a blog for her supplement company WelleCo, Elle outlined five key steps she swears by and admitted her hair hasn’t always been well kept.

Taking care of yourself from the inside out and sleeping with silk pillowcases were among the top five hair tips outlined by Aussie supermodel Elle Macpherson (pictured) 

The 58-year-old is known for her luscious golden locks and revealed her top hair tricks in a blog for her supplement company WelleCo

Start from within

First and foremost, Elle believes beauty starts from within by focusing on what you eat and drink on a daily basis.

If your body is nourished with rich foods, your hair will likely look thick and healthy.   

‘I believe in giving my body what it needs to flourish naturally and, after years of damaging heat styling and extensions, I realised my hair needed help,’ she wrote online. 

To combat against any problems from the inside out, Elle formulated The Hair Elixir – vegan capsules from Welle Co to help with thicker, stronger hair.

Protect hair from UV damage

While it’s essential to wear sunscreen all year round in Australia to protect your skin from UV damage, it’s just as important to protect your hair.

Elle recommends wearing wide brim hats to ensure both your face and hair is covered when venturing or relaxing outdoors.

‘I wear a big cowboy hat to protect my hair (and my face) from the sun whenever I’m at the beach,’ she says. 

Avoid washing hair daily

Elle washes her hair ‘every other night or two to three days’, which gives both you and your hair a break.

Washing your hair daily strips the follicles of natural oils and can slow down hair growth. 

With that being said, opt to wash your hair twice a week or every few days rather than daily for best results. 

Elle washes her hair ‘every other night or two to three days, which gives both you and your hair a break’

Using beauty tools and changing your hair colour can be fun to experiment with, but it’s also incredibly damaging

Embrace your natural beauty 

Using beauty tools and changing your hair colour can be fun to experiment with, but it’s also incredibly damaging. 

For this reason, Elle recommends embracing your natural style and colour.  

‘I’ve been through periods where I’ve been super blonde, which wasn’t the best look, but I thought it was brilliant at the time,’ she said. 

‘Today I’m much happier being more natural. I’m lucky that I don’t have any grey hair so my hairdresser and I decided to let my natural colour show through at the roots. I love it!’

Sleep with a silk pillowcase

In the last few years the demand for silk pillowcases has boosted as more people have recognised the benefits. 

Not only can a silk pillowcase help prevent split ends, it can also prevent wrinkles and keep your skin hydrated.  

‘I’m excited to start sleeping on Slip’s silk pillowcase. Research shows that with a silk pillowcase, the hair and skin ‘slip’ rather than grab onto the fabric – which is said to mean fewer knots and wrinkles in the long term,’ Elle said. 

What are Elle’s other golden wellness rules throughout the year?

1. Hydrate: ‘My wellness routine starts with two teaspoons of Welleco’s Super Elixir every morning in cold spring water, or coconut water for extra hydration,’ Elle said.

Elle’s golden health rules include adequate hydration and good sleep

2. Get active: Elle makes sure she does 45 minutes of fitness every single day, whether that’s walking, running, swimming or yoga. She especially loves paddle boarding, hiking, biking and water skiing.

3. Sleep: Elle said she used to stay up until 2am when her kids were young, and she would think she was being really productive, but then she realised she was just depriving herself of sleep. Now, she makes sure she gets seven hours of shut-eye every single night. 

4. Meditate: Elle swears by just 15 minutes of meditation each morning.

5. Schedule wellness: If you think you’re not managing to fit in your wellness, Elle said you need to diarise it to ensure it’s always a priority.

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