Award Shows Top Twitter as Euphoria Ends on a High

Award shows were all the rage on Variety’s Trending TV chart for the week of Feb. 28 to March 6, as Twitter users continued to dissect all the moments from the SAG Awards. That first big award show of the year (and since the pandemic) was once again at the top of the chart with another million engagements, adding to last week’s first-place finish (with 3.6 million engagements) for host networks TNT and TBS.

The SAG Awards weren’t the only award show to draw online interest this week, however, as IFC and AMC Plus unrolled the 37th Independent Spirit Awards on Sunday. The Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman-hosted show took place beachside in Santa Monica, where projects like “The Lost Daughter” and “Reservation Dogs” scored big wins.

A slew of A-list presenters, including Andrew Garfield and Kristen Stewart, also helped bolster the show’s popularity, as did married duo Mullally and Offerman sharing some choice words for Russian president Vladimir Putin in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“I think we speak for everyone here when we say that we are hoping for a quick, peaceful resolution. Specifically, fuck off and go home Putin!” Mullally said, as she, her husband and Stewart raised their middle fingers in solidarity.

Despite more than 371,000 engagements on Sunday night, the Independent Spirit Awards only earned the third spot on this week’s list. Coming in hot at No. 2 was the season finale of “Euphoria,” which also drew overnight engagement following the Feb. 27 broadcast. That HBO series added another 447,000 engagements to last week’s 385,000, proving perhaps that viewers weren’t able to sleep following certain season-ending cliffhangers. Meanwhile, HBO also revealed the day following the finale that “Euphoria” has grown to become its second-most-watched series, right behind “Game of Thrones.”

Earning the fourth spot on this week’s list was the anticipated sixth-season debut of “Outlander” on Starz, a series that’s been off the air since May 2020. The shortened, eight-episode season premiere officially ended the droughtlander and led fans to dissect it all online with nearly 210,000 engagements. Meanwhile, showrunner Maril Davis teased to Variety that fans can expect a “jam-packed” season that ends on another cliffhanger. “It’s like a roller coaster ride. There’s not a lot of chances to breathe this season,” Davis said.

In fifth place, “Bridgerton” drew another 120,000 engagements as it gets closer to its second season release on March 25 on Netflix. Lady Whistledown herself, Nicola Coughlan, helped drive that engagement by tweeting a series poster, while the Netflix account teased orchestral covers from the likes of Harry Styles, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Madonna and Alanis Morissette that also excited fans.

On the second half of this week’s Top 10, Disney Plus’ upcoming “Moon Knight” continued to be a hot topic with 108,000 engagements ahead of its March 30 debut, helped along by a new poster release from the official Marvel account.

In seventh place was “The Cuphead Show!,” which debuted on Feb. 18, but continues to draw interest with its nostalgic animation style and joyful premise. Netflix’s announcement about the series returning for a second season also ignited joy in fans, although as some pointed out, the renewal is actually the back half of the first season, not a batch of newly produced episodes.

Meanwhile, this week’s eighth spot went to Japanese manga series “One Piece” on Netflix and Hulu with 62,000 engagements, while Netflix Korean drama “Juvenile Justice” landed in ninth with around 59,400 engagements. Rounding out this week’s Top 10 was a new episode of “How I Met Your Father” on Hulu, which included an anticipated kiss. The show pulled in 59,100 engagements as it progresses toward its first-season finale on March 15. “HIMYF” was already renewed for a second season in mid-February.

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