Barkbox Is Giving Out Free 4/20 Toys This Week

Barkbox, the subscription dog treat company behind the highly-coveted Glossier “Toy Brow” and the only source of my happiness every month, announced some 4/20-themed toys for your pup, and they’re as delightful as you’d think.

The three toys include a blunt (winkingly named a “Spinach Burrito”), a bong (aka a “Watering Can” toy) and two nugs (going as “Best Buds”). Cute, right? The best part: the toys are free with any new six or 12-month subscription to Barkbox (starting at $22 per month). The deal is good for this week only, and, of course, the toys are already going fast.

Since it’s a special offer, you unfortch can’t buy the toys separately on BarkShop (the sister site to buy toys and goodies individually), but as someone who uses her own money to pay for a Barkbox every month, I can tell you it’s the best money I spend. You will not wanna cancel…like ever.

Each month’s box has a truly adorable theme (Shakespeare! With a bonus ruffle collar! Awards season, with a dog toy Oscar and tuxedo toy!) with two toys, two bags of treats, and a chew. The best part is that you can customize your BarkBox too. Like my dog can’t digest treats outside of like, carrots or blueberries, so they let me swap out my two bags o’ treats for another toy instead. I’d pay way more for three separate dog toys every month, so the BarkBox is actually a steal when you think about it.

Plus, with quarantine as the new normal, it’s not like I can go out and browse for dog toys after work like I used to do four nights a week. So, knowing I’ve got a care package of dog goodies scheduled every month has been extra clutch lately.

If it’s anything like their adorable Glossier collab last year, these toys are gonna go FAST. I recommend hopping to it pronto. A BarkBox spokesperson told that they initially had enough toys to last people until 4/20, but because their Facebook post blew up, they have enough to last until “MAYBE mid-day tomorrow.” 😫GET ON IT, FOLKS!

It’s so popular already, that since their announcement went up on Facebook this morning at 9:00 A.M., they’ve had their best day ever for sales — even beating Black Friday deals, which is bonkers considering it’s like a random Wednesday in April.

To get the toys, make sure you select “Add toys to box” once you’re signed into your account. If you already had a BarkBox subscription, you could’ve added them in the “Add to Box” option, but if you missed out (like me), you can email [email protected] and their team will help you out.

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