Best hand creams to repair dry and sore skin from harsh sanitiser gels and soaps

For obvious reasons, we’re all washing and cleansing our hands that little bit more than usual. Which is great news for the fight against germs and viruses (Coronavirus, we're looking at you), but not such great news for the condition of our skin.

If you’re finding the harsh gels and repeated washing are making your hands and nails sore, cracked and dry, then you’re not alone.

And one of the main reasons your hands might be getting in this condition in the first place is because those pocket hand gels we’re all carrying about usually contain high concentrations of alcohol (often between 60%-95%), which can make skin dry, and damage its protective barrier.

While it’s important not to stop cleaning hands, getting your skin into a dry condition could make it easier for those germs to get into cracks and cuts.

So how do you minimise the effects all the scrubbing is having? You need to get the moisture back into your skin and repair cracks around the cuticles with products that have nourishing and moisturising ingredients like these…

Our top five picks

* La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume Hands, buy it here for £7.50

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This works to repair the damaged skin barrier with a glycerin-rich formula. It's also non-oily and quick to sink in, so you won't have slippery hands.

* Bioderma Atoderm Hand & Nail Cream, buy it here for £4.90

This promises to quickly restore barrier function and reduce irritation, dryness and chapped hands.

* Lano Rose Hand Cream Intense, buy it here for £8.99

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Proving that a cream can be functional and pretty to carry around, this has lanolin and rose oil to deeply nourish skin, cuticles and nails.

* Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm, buy it here for £21

This is a cult favourite for a reason; it mixes botanical extracts to fight everything from dermatitis to dryness and sore, red skin.

* Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, buy it here for £22

This acts as a 'glove-like barrier' to protect against moisture loss – for hands that are being exposed to harsh elements or excessive washing.

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