Bloodhound LSR Is a Potential 1,000MPH Rocket-Car Selling for $11 Million USD

The rocket-powered car project better known as the Bloodhound Land Speed Record (LSR) project is officially back on the market for the price of $11 million USD.

The current owner, Ian Warhurst initially rescued the Bloodhound rocket-car from bankruptcy back in 2018, after another round of funding had fallen short. Unfortunately, due to hindrances caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Warhurst has had enough and is looking for either a new round of sponsors or new ownership for the Bloodhound project.

The Bloodhound LSR project has been ongoing for the better part of the decade with each owner hoping to break the 763 mph record and move forward toward’s the ultimate goal of 1,000 mph. The Bloodhound has yet again reached a “sadly predictable impasse” and still requires an actual rocket to launch its full-speed runs. In a 2019 test using its Rolls-Royce EJ200 jet engine, the Bloodhound was able to reach 628 mph, however, the pandemic abruptly halted the project’s momentum. The next step would be to run the rocket-car with an additional Namm rocket motor to take the record beyond the previous 763 mph.

Despite the setback, the Bloodhound team is still motivated to restart the project in “the next few months to get ready for a 2022 record attempt. The alternative would be to put the car into long-term storage, with no certainty of being able to restart the project. As the prospect of a post-Covid world beckons, the Bloodhound team now needs to find a new owner to continue its ‘engineering adventure’.”

Though a buyer provides the team with their greatest chance to continue, Bloodhound argues that there is “significant fundraising potential” and selling sponsorships and rights would actually help to generate cash in the short-run.

Nonetheless, the team still has ways to go before they can reach their goal, and there is yet to be someone who wants to take over the project once again.

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