Bridal shop owner fed-up of pedestrians fat-shaming size 32 mannequin on display

A bridal boutique owner has told how she's fed up of people fat-shaming her window display.

Debbie Shelley, 53, claims people regularly laugh and joke about the size 32 mannequin she has by the window.

The large size dummy, which she calls Fuchsia, was installed in her shop Somerset Bridal in Minehead back in April.

She says mums regularly walk up to the window with the kids and tell them "don't you ever get that fat – no one will marry you".

The shop owner has even had to put up a sign asking people to show the mannequin some love and not hate.

But despite the hate towards Fuchsia, Debbie isn't going to let it hurt her feelings.

She said: "We were really proud to display Fuchsia – we put her in lovely dresses.

"Then as we were doing appointments we were listening to people talking outside.

"They were laughing, jeering, pointing, making jokes and just saying really rude things.

"She looks beautiful in a fitted dress and a lot of people think that someone in a plus size can't wear a fitted dress.

"But I think Fuchsia shows that you can and she looks beautiful."

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She put up a sign in the shop window to get people to rethink their comments on fat-shaming.

The sign reads: "Are you laughing? Or are you fat-shaming?

"Fuchsia has feelings and we think she is stunning. Please send her lots of love and not laughs."

Debbie added: "They'll do the heckling from the pavement and look at the sign and think 'Oh my days, what have I just said'.

"It's sort of not stopping them but it's stopping people in their tracks after they've done it."

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She continued: "We were like 'ignore him ignore him, he's just being stupid' and we pushed it off.

"The message is are you laughing at Fuchsia or, actually, are you making a joke about Fuschia which is cruel?

"We wanted to spread the love for Fuchsia and not the cruelty or the fat-shaming."

The mannequin has got her own window and the others range from size 10, 16 and 20.

It took Debbie years to finally find Fuchsia as size 20 was the biggest she could come across.

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But it's not just parents who have something to say about the mannequin.

Debbie revealed how most of the remarks come from middle-aged men who have had quite a few drinks.

She revealed: "They shout some really leery things at the mannequin and we've had enough.

"If they think that it's okay to talk to a mannequin like that who can't respond back then what are they saying to their family.

"The surprising ones are the old ladies who go 'oh my God, would you believe someone's going to marry someone that fat?'."

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