Bruce Springsteen says he’s ‘pretty good’ at therapy

Bruce Springsteen thinks he’s The Boss at therapy.

“The talking cure—it works,” the 71-year-old music legend told AARP magazine of regularly going to see a therapist. “But you’ve got to commit yourself to a process. And I was pretty good at doing that.”

He added, “I enjoyed the investigative examination of issues in my life that I didn’t understand. I learned a lot and therefore was able to exploit what I had learned and turn it into a real life.”

The “Born to Run” singer is releasing his 20th studio album, “Letter To You,” marking his return to his rock ‘n’ roll roots.

“We spent one week in the studio — five days — and cut the entire record,” she said. “It was all live, no overdub vocals and just a few overdub instruments. It’s the first truly live, in-the-studio record of the band we’ve ever made,” he explained.

And as for his post-pandemic plans, get ready to party at the Springsteens.

“All I can tell you is, when this experience is over,” he said, “I am going to throw the wildest party you’ve ever seen. And you, my friends, are all invited.”

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