Cat died after killer smashed concrete slab over it’s head in back garden

A man who slammed a thick concrete slab on a cat's head twice in a cold blooded attack has been jailed.

Carl Dyson, of Blackpool, Lancashire, carried a black cat called Paddy into the back yard of a home in the town.

The animal was wrapped in a pink blanket, a witness recalled, and laid on the ground by Dyson.

He picked up a heavy looking slab of concrete and dropped it on the animal.

At Blackpool Magistrates' Court Dyson admitted causing Paddy suffering by inflicting a blunt force trauma.

Paul Ridehalgh, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said said:"What she (the witness) saw shocked her and she called the RSPCA.

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"She saw Dyson drop a slab as thick as a laptop on the cats head as it lay in the yard.

"She saw the cat try and escape from the blanket before Dyson did the same thing again.

"It was clearly deliberate. He took it upon himself to put a friend's cat out of what he thought was its misery.

"He crushed the cat head it was an inhuman act."

Gary McAnulty, defending, said that Dyson was on the way to a friend's house when he came across eight-year-old cat.

A veterinary examination found the cat had been suffering from a cancerous tumour in the mouth and was severely underweight.

The lawyer said: "He saw the cat was ill and wanted to put it out of its misery. It had tumours and could not eat properly.

"There would not have been a long period of suffering. It would have been over in seconds.

"The cat twitched so he did it again.

"My client does not have sick fantasies about cruelty. He had his own cat in the past which had suffered and did not want this cat to suffer in the same way.

"However he recognises the way he did it was entirely inappropriate."

In an interview Dyson said he thought Paddy may have been in a road accident.

Dyson was jailed for 12 weeks and given an indefinite ban on keeping animals.

He is planning to appeal the sentence.

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