Cat hangs around hospital until they give him a job

Few cats – let alone humans – have an enterprising spirit like Elwood the cat.

This is a cat that sees what he wants and goes for it, and we’re not just talking about Dreamies here.

Elwood decided that he wanted to work for his treats at a local hospital, so put in the hours hanging around looking cute to catch his dream employer’s eye.

The ginger and white fluffball spent around a year standing around Epworth Hospital in Richmond, Melbourne, Australia, before he got his special name tag.

He’s now cheering up staff and patients even more than he was before he was officially employed.

Chantel Trollip, a Pathologist at Epworth Hospital, explained to Bored Panda: ‘I first noticed his ID badge on him in June. I was actually having a case of the “sads” that day, but seeing his ID badge turned my whole mood around!

‘When I first saw him, he wasn’t wearing anything, so I assumed he was a stray. Then someone put a collar and tag on him and now most recently he’s got his own ID badge, which is identical to our actual staff badges down to the call codes on the back.’

Thankfully Elwood isn’t actually a stray, and instead lives just across the road from the hospital.

He just loves greeting people and getting a pat during the day.

Epworth Hospital even released a statement about Elwood, saying: ‘During the day the playful puss often struts across the road to keep guard and greet patients and staff outside the hospital.

‘The mischievous moggy has been able to snuggle up to security, obtaining his own staff ID pass.

‘At the end of the day, Elwood heads back across the road for a well-earned rest.’

Now to make a security mandatory in all hospitals.

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