Charlotte Crosby had secret sex sessions with Chloe Ferry ‘which kept happening’

Charlotte Crosby has opened up about romping with best pal Chloe Ferry while they were "in love" over a three-day period.

The Geordie Shore star made the revelation after responding to a fan’s question on whether the pair had oral sex during season 12 of the popular reality show.

Speaking on her Values and Vibrators podcast, she said: “Yes, I don’t remember who went down on who, she definitely did.

“She took advantage, we did have a lesbian experience and we were in love for three days.

“There was a lot of jealousy. I got very jealous over Chloe if she looked at other girls.

“It was a bizarre time in our life because we’re obviously still friends. It’s good that we can be such good friends, seeing as we’re ex-lovers.”

And that wasn’t the only time the two Newcastle lasses hooked up.

Charlotte said they would often have some steamy sessions after nights out on the town.

“I’ll tell you something now, she won’t be angry at us, I hope she won’t be angry,” she said.

“After that series of us being in love, there were a couple of times where it kept happening.

“We kept on being attracted to each other. We’d go on holiday to Ibiza in a big group, whenever it was the big group holidays everyone would say ‘I’m not being in a room with Chloe and Charlotte because they’ll start getting with each other again’.”

Charlotte’s boyfriend Liam even picked up on the chemistry between the pair during a holiday in Dubai.

He asked what was going on with the “flirting”, to which she replied: “We’re really good friends, sometimes lovers.”

But, instead of being angry, Liam and the reality star have broached the subject of having a threesome.

She said: “I’ve not had a threesome and it’s annoying because it’s one of things you’ve got to try, so never say never.

“Obviously I’m with Liam, so we’d have to do one together, but we’ve already spoken about that.”

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