Chrome Hearts Matty Boy-Hand-Painted Apple AirPods Max Headphones Appear for $8K USD

Proving he is the undisputed champion of sourcing the rarest Chrome Hearts pieces in the world, Justin Reed now reveals he is in possession of a pair of Matty Boy-hand-painted Apple AirPods Max headphones.

Recently, the luxury consigner has shown the world his 100lb Chrome Hearts punching bag, a $15,000 USD Chrome Hearts wooden moving crate, and a Chrome Hearts Rogue weight bench. These never-before-seen examples are now joined by a pair of 1-of-1 AirPods Max headphones, given the quintessential Matty Boy treatment.

As such, we find graffiti-styled penmanship reading “IMPORT” and “ANT” on one side, and on the other, “OUT OF VOGUE” alongside some arrow detailing. The carrying/charging case is tagged with “PROTO HYPE,” foreshadowing the excitement around this exclusive tech accessory.

The pair is signed by Matty Boy and comes in its box. The price for these? $8,000 USD over on the Justin Reed website.

In other news, Daniel Lee’s Burberry is starting to roll out.
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