Ciara Postpones Texas Concert Out of Health Concerns Over Coronavirus

Ciara has become the latest musician to cancel a concert over concerns for the spreading coronavirus.

Her March 19 concert at the brand new USO center in Ford Hood, Tex., has been postponed to later this year, she told Variety in a statement. The grand opening of the venue will also be rescheduled for this summer.

Ciara, who is pregnant, said that her doctors have advised her to limit her traveling and meeting in large group gatherings due to the coronavirus.

“I am disappointed I won’t be able to return this month to the place where I was born, Ft. Hood, Texas, and put on the amazing show we had planned; however, I look forward to being able to bring it to you at a later date in 2020,” she said in the statement. “I want to thank the USO and the entire community at Ft. Hood for extending your hospitality to myself and my team. I urge everyone to be diligent in taking steps to stay healthy and safe.

Many other artists have taken similar precautions to keeping themselves and others safe while the coronavirus is spreading around the world. BTS canceled their tour dates in South Korea and Green Day pulled several concerts in various Asian countries.

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