Coronavirus anxiety sees Stacey Solomon have a mad moment with a spring onion

Loose Women star Stacey Solomon, 30, often sends fans into fits of laughter with her hilarious snippets on Instagram but this one tops the lot.

Stacey began to tell fans how "anxious" she had been feeling all day after the coronavirus crisis claimed a further 14 lives and France joined Italy and Spain on lockdown.

Opting for a rather unusual coping mechanis, Stacey began her food preparation for the week and leapt around her kitchen for a hysterical dance routine with her veg.

In the first short video, while peeling spuds, she captioned: "I’m so anxious at the minute (probably to do with a certain virus) so sometimes I just have to get my stupid side out and take my mind off of everything…"

Still continuing to peel the potatoes, the mum-of-three broke into dance as Whiney Huston's I Wanna Dance With Somebody came into play.

Lip syncing along with the 1980s hit, Stacey hilariously continued her weekly chores, clutching at the peeler and her Maris Pipers.

Although her hilarious antics didn’t end there as she found a way more effective measure to redeem her stress relief as she took to her kitchen floor.

Sprawled across her white tiles she began to serenaded the root veg before caressing her face and body with the spring onions.

She wrote: "I’m pretty sure peeling spring onions on the floor is actually more effective."

One last moment of craziness saw Stacey take on a Flash Dance moment as she coated herself with water from the colander of freshly washed veg.

Continuing to urge fans to take to governments advice, Stacey said: "Always wash your veg, it's as important as washing your hands.

"I’m freezing and my hair is going to smell of spring onions, but it took my mind off things for a while."

Stacey's anxious copying mechanism lands just days after it was declared that the virus had been declared a global pandemic, with the death toll continuing to rise.

France, Italy and Spain have officially declared that they are all on lockdown in a desperate bid to prevent the wider spread f the deadly virus.

Britain is yet to follow in the same steps as other European countries, with 14 further people having died in the UK yesterday, bringing the death toll to 35.

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