Countdowns Rachel Riley inundated with disgusting X-rated Instagram pictures

Countdown star Rachel Riley has revealed she's often ent "invasive and disgusting" messages via her Instagram page.

The broadcaster, 36, who boasts over 500,000 followers claims she is sent sexual videos and pictures as well as misogynistic abuse from her followers on the photo-sharing app.

Rachel who is an ambassador for the Centre for Countering Digitial Hate explained that the unsolicited messages she receives often make her want to stop checking her private messages from fans.

She claims the messages are "revolting" and the vile messages "empower" those that send them to her direct messages.

Rachel said: "It really makes me not want to go into my DMs at all because it's revolting.

"It's astounding to know that strangers are sending porn – it empowers them to know that it's gone to your inbox."

She went on to add: "On Instagram, anyone can privately send you something that should be illegal, if they did it on the street, they'd be arrested.

"For women in the public eye, receiving a constant stream of rude, inappropriate and even abusive messages to your DMs [direct messages] is unfortunately inevitable, and the fact that this happens away from public view makes it all the more intrusive.

"Instagram and other platforms have a duty to keep the women who use their sites safe, but at the moment there isn't enough being done to protect them."

However, the mum-of-one added that she believes social media platforms are not working harder to stop the messages, despite reporting them.

"I just think all social media are not fit to regulate themselves, clearly," she claimed.

Rachel added: "They've got the technology to identify that this content is revolting, but these users still have the technology to send unsolicited images to you.

"Teenage girls could receive this stuff while no one else knows because it's behind closed doors, it's invasive and disgusting."

Rachel along with four other female celebrities allowed researchers to access her Instagram accounts with the results showing that 254 accounts had sent the women abuse between December 28 and February 28.

Of those accounts, 227 were still active on the platform.

It also emerged that one in every 15 messages received by Rachel and the four famous women during the trial period breached the Instagram guidelines for abuse and harassment.

The accounts also attempted to video call Rachel via the feature on Instagram direct messages on five occasions.

Chief Executive of the CCDH, Imran Ahmed said: "Instagram has chosen to side with abusers by negligently creating a culture in which abusers expect no consequences – denying women dignity and their ability to use digital spaces without harassment.

"There is an epidemic of misogynist abuse taking place in women's DMs."

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