Couple live stream wedding on Facebook after coronavirus ruins their big plans

Laura McKinlay and Ruaridh Macmillan, both 32, planned to get married on 18 April, but when the coronavirus pandemic hit, plans had to change.

The couple decided they would have a virtual ceremony, so even if they couldn’t get legally, officially married, they could celebrate their love all the same.

They streamed the ceremony on Facebook, where it was watched by 500 members of family and friends – who all dressed up for the occasion, of course.

Laura wore a bedsheet veil, a flowery tiara, and pink tartan pyjama bottoms, while Ruaridh made a kilt out of a tea towel and paired this with pyjamas, a shirt, and a tie.

The couple, both musicians, used their living room for the ceremony part and hosted a virtual afterparty in their garden, complete with drinks reception, singing and dancing, and speeches.

Once that was all done the pair celebrated with a buffet of sausage rolls and Maltesers.

They both regularly perform at weddings and had a sense of foreboding that their big day would be cancelled – but were still determined to have a party anyway.

Ruaridh said: ‘Obviously it’s not legally binding but we used the living room as the aisle and made the most of what we had in.

‘I wore my kilt jacket and Laura her pyjamas.

‘There was a ceilidh after and vows.

‘We had musical tributes and folk sent in clips of people dancing in their gardens to the first dance – people were really making the most of the technology available.

‘There were people we knew who couldn’t come to the actual wedding and both being musicians who play our fair share of weddings, we saw the writing on the wall well before the lockdown and thankfully we’ve been able to rearrange.

‘It really was a beautiful day.

‘We came into it thinking it’ll be a laugh and hope we don’t look daft, but we got lots of messages from people, some who we’ve not spoken to in a long time.

‘We went out into the garden afterwards for a drink and our neighbours had dressed up too so we had a wee drinks reception over the fence.

‘It was really lovely seeing everybody get involved.’

The groom, originally from Nairn, Highlands, plays in traditional Scottish music band Blazin’ Fiddles and fellow member Bruce MacGregor hosted the wedding from Inverness, while guitarist Anna Massie was the mock celebrant.

Ruaridh said: ‘We put it together quite quickly.

‘It was a bit of craic for us and to give folk an excuse to get dressed up.

‘We had folk in Canada, America and Europe getting involved and even baking cakes.

‘It was a really bizarre but nice thing to do.’

All going well, the couple will wed for real on 14 November in Bogbain, Highlands.

But the pair are pretty happy with their unofficial wedding regardless.

‘We were watching the comments coming in while filming and there was about 400 or 500 people watching the ceremony live, with nearly 7,000 views now,’ said Ruaridh.

‘We had hundreds of messages from people wishing us well and some even posting us booze on Amazon.

‘It’s been really touching and definitely lifted spirits, not just ours.’

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