DIY couple transform tiny home into chic pad with £395 Shein hack

A savvy couple transformed their home into a chic pad thanks to a savvy Shein DIY hack.

Stefano Desideri and Sasha Rebekah, aged 34 and 31, work as a barista and Pilates instructor as they document their life on YouTube.

Posting content under the username Gypseas On The Road, the couple often share their travel experiences and recently revealed how they transformed their travel home in months by using a simple trick.

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They told "We are not new to renovation. Before we bought our 2010 Lance Truck Camper, we spent three months building out a shuttle bus and living in it in Mexico.

"However we then decided bus life wasn’t for us. We didn't like the big size of it when driving around, so we sold the bus before moving on to this new chapter and downsizing to a camper.

"After learning all of the building skills in our bus build, we knew we wanted a camper we could renovate and truly make our own.

"Paying for a camper that was already renovated was out of our budget, and we knew we could purchase something cheaper, and make it look nice with just a couple of weeks of work and a little bit of money."

Sasha always wanted a gold faucet in the bus build, but they couldn't afford it with their budget.

She found an affordable one on Amazon so they eventually based the renovation around this one simple feature.

Initially the kitchen and dining area was all grey, monochrome and pretty dark, but the pair wanted to keep the kitchen and dining area light with bright colours because it's such a small space.

They also wanted to add green because they love nature and wanted to add a touch of "jungle vibes".

"We incorporated gold features by adding this colour to the cabinet handles, curtain rods and the table leg," they added.

"We got most of the supplies from Home Depot, IKEA and Amazon.

"From Amazon we got a faucet for $69, a sink for $160, subway tile backsplash for $32, gold curtain rods which were $40 for 3 and waterproof vinyl for the countertop and tabletop priced at $15."

They continued: "From Home Depot we got the paint for $30, silicone for $10, gold spray paint for $10, heat-proof black spray paint for the stovetop for $15, heat-proof white spray paint for the stovetop which was also $15 and plumbing fixtures for sink which totalled $25.

"At IKEA we got a spice rack for $5, and we got the curtain fabric at a fabric store. Sasha's mum sewed it for us.

"Our couch covers, which really transformed the dining area, cost us only $20 from Shein.

"The equivalent on Amazon would have been over $100 and we think this was the best $20 spent in the renovation!

"The total was less than $500 (£395.57), and we think it was well worth it for the level of transformation we created!"

Once they rid what they no longer wanted, the couple worked between them to makeover the space themselves.

They spray painted the stovetop because no amount of cleaning could freshen it up as much as they wanted, and the pair added a spice rack and final details such as a new plant and décor.

After this they moved onto the dining area where they fitted a new table top, new curtains, new curtain rods and new seat covers.

They said: "Previously the camper van was fitted with blinds, but we decided to fit curtains instead.

"This cost us nothing as we used leftover fabric from when we installed curtains in the bus.

"We installed our new gold curtain rods, hung our new curtains and used the same peel, and stick vinyl from the kitchen counter on the dining table.

"Once that was done we washed and fitted the new seat covers to the dining area.

"We have managed to turn a plain campervan interior into a bright and calming space with jungle vibes and a pop of gold. We love it and so do our family and friends!"

Tom Church, Co-Founder of, added: "The renovation that Stefano and Sasha have done on their camper van kitchen and dining area is truly impressive.

"By using their building skills and creativity, they were able to transform their camper into a beautiful and personalised space for a fraction of the cost of buying a pre-renovated model.

"It's great to see that they were able to save money by shopping smartly for their supplies, and even found a great deal on cushion covers from Shein.

"This project is a great example of how a little bit of DIY and ingenuity can go a long way in creating a space that feels like home – no matter where you are in the world."


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