Egyptian woman arrested for baking pornographic pastries

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She was accused of disseminating food porn.

An Egyptian woman was briefly detained for allegedly baking sexually suggestive cakes that were eaten at a Cairo birthday party.

Before her arrest, photos of the racy pastries — which entail cupcakes garnished with genitalia and lingerie-shaped frosting — went viral online.

Top islamic body Dar al-ifta deemed the risque confections an affront to Islam, according to the Guardian.

“Posting naked pictures, candy, holograms, and products with sexual expressions and fallen revelations is legitimately forbidden and legally criminal,” they wrote on Facebook.

The baker, who has since been released on $319 bail, has denied cooking the scandalously dressed desserts.

Authorities are also investigating several women who attended the b-day bash as well as the high-end sports club that threw the salacious soiree.

Human rights lawyer Negad El Borai flocked to the put-upon pastrymaker’s defense, tweeting that the state wanted “to eliminate any space for personal freedom in Egypt under the pretext of safeguarding Egyptian family values.”

This isn’t the first time Islamic authorities have arrested a woman over “indecent” creations of late. Iranian Instagram star Sahar Tabar was recently sentenced to a decade in prison after doctoring selfies so she resembled a “Zombie Angelina Jolie.”

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