Elvis agreed with Linda on the one ‘truthful reason that marrying Priscilla was a mistake

Elvis Presley was ’nuzzling’ against me says Linda Thompson

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After separating from Priscilla Presley, the 37-year-old Elvis Presley met 22-year-old Miss Tennessee model Linda Thompson at a private movie screening he was hosting in Memphis on July 6, 1972. Half a century on and she’s reposted her recollections of this first intimate encounter, as originally posted on elvis_and_linda_gram.

On her Instagram stories, it read: “The first night Linda met Elvis at the Memphis Theatre in July 1972 she was pretty standoffish because it was not made public yet that he and Priscilla split up.” The King saw her and said: “Oh excuse me, hello honey.”

She remembered: “Elvis strode right over to me and I immediately felt the extraordinary presence he exuded, his natural charisma, a force field of pure energy and charm that radiated out of him. Elvis seemed smitten with me, from the first moment he’d held the flashlight on my face.”

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During one of his nuzzles, Elvis said to her: “Honey, you know I’m not married anymore.”

She replied; “You know, I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you, but you should have married a Southern girl.”

This assessment of why it didn’t work out with Priscilla struck a deep accord with The King.

Lind shared: “He always remembered my saying that because he said, ‘You have no idea how honest, truthful and right on that was.’ Only if you grow up in the South do you understand that culture completely. And he was very Southern. And so, I think we had an immediate kinship. We were kindred souls right away.”

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Linda recently shared a tribute Instagram post to her four and half years living with Elvis at Graceland on the 50th anniversary of their meeting.

She wrote: “It’s astonishing how quickly time/life moves forward! 50 years ago today July 6, 1972, I met, & fell in love at first sight with Elvis Presley. My life was changed irrevocably. The memories of the years I lived & travelled with him, the valuable lessons I learned, and my capacity to love honestly and unconditionally have followed & served me throughout my life. Elvis’s legacy endures today because of his phenomenally loyal fan base…not because of crass commercialisation or those who profitably capitalise on his name and likeness. Elvis lives on in the hearts of those who recognise that he was a true original…a spectacularly flawed and fabulous human being.”

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Linda added: “There are so few of us left on this earth who intimately knew and loved the essence of his heart & soul… The human entity… Not the name in lights on the marquee. Elvis was a uniquely complicated, dichotomous man in all of his simplicity…a man who set the world on fire with his music, his generosity, his charisma, his passion, his sensuality, his humour, his loyalty, his sensitivity, his humility, his vulnerabilities and his strengths…the devotion of his love…That’s how he would want to be remembered.”

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