Elvis Presley: Colonel Tom Parker ‘pushed The King to his LIMIT’ in Las Vegas residencies

Today, for one night only, Elvis: That’s The Way It Is hits cinemas to celebrate the documentary film’s 50th anniversary. The 1970 classic charts The King’s rehearsals and Las Vegas residency show from August that year. And now an Elvis expert and author of a new book on Elvis: That’s The Way It Is, David English, has revealed how manager Colonel Tom Parker pushed The King to his limit during the Las Vegas years.

After all, from 1969 to a year before his death in 1977, Elvis performed 636 Las Vegas residency shows at the International Hotel.

For a month long at a time, The King would perform two concerts a night, seven days a week.

Asked if he thought manger Colonel Tom Parker pushed Elvis to his limit during this period, English told Express.co.uk: “Yeah, I think so.

“Obviously he did agree to it.”

During his lifetime Elvis’ manager was known for his love of gambling.

The Elvis expert continued: “Colonel Parker had these huge debts with the casinos.

“He was induced into making these deals which weren’t necessarily right for his client, put it that way.

“Elvis always respected The Parker from back in ’56, so he just thought, ‘Oh he’s making the best deal for me.’”

He added: “When really it wasn’t the best arrangement to have those two shows in Vegas all that time.

“Certainly when you’re not particularly fit.”

On Elvis’ crazy hours living and working in Las Vegas, English said: “He was very much a night time person.

“You don’t see many photos during that period of him in the morning, let’s put it that way. He’d definitely be getting up late afternoon.”

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The Elvis expert continued: “Then in that period of time he’d be doing his first show, the dinner show.

“And then come back and do the midnight show, finishing at 2 in the morning.”

But if two sold-out concerts singing his heart out wasn’t enough, The King would then have to host all the VIP guests after the midnight show.

The Elvis expert added: “He’d then have to come down from that adrenaline rush for an after-show party.”

At the end of Elvis: That’s The Way It Is, there are clips of The King at his opening night’s After Party.

Fans can spot celebrities of the time in attendance from Sammy Davis Jr to Cary Grant.

English added: “He’d have to entertain all the VIP guests after the show, having gotten changed.

“It’s early hours before he’d even begin to think about going to sleep.”

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