Everyone is mocking ‘mistake’ as Home Office shows off new blue British passport

The Home Office released a video this week showing off the the new post-Brexit blue British passport.

The new design will start to roll out this month and will be phased in, with those renewing their passport during the initial period told they could still receive a burgundy edition – but you won't be given the choice.

The government has said that from 'mid-2020' every new passport sent out will be blue.

On Monday, the Home Office Twitter account posted a clip flicking through the new look with the caption: "Britons will once again be able to travel with a blue passport when the iconic colour returns for the first time in almost 30 years."

A sea of comments flooded in criticising the move, with one writing: "Offering the ability to work, live, retire in one declining country. Great!" – but there were those who were happy to see it as another said: "Bring it on. Will happily replace my current one for a new British one."

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But many people were distracted by one small detail in the video – with one joking the oversight could expose the passport being shown as 'fraudulent'.

The picture printed on the photo page shows a very youthful looking woman, but Twitter user @JonnElledge pointed out: "They've made the birth date on that passport 1973. Cute. Except it now means that we're expected to believe that this is a recent picture of a 47 year old woman.

"Thus we are forced to consider the possibility that the Home Office has released a video of a fraudulent passport."

The tweet racked up more than 1,600 likes and 265 retweets, with one replying: "This 47 year old woman looks old enough to be her mother."

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A second said: "As a 45 year old woman I would like to think that photo is not far off."

A third wrote: "A 47 year old posting a photo of a 27 year old on their Tinder profile would be a perfect analogy for Brexit , so I guess this makes sense…"

Another added: "Totally possible to look that good at 47."

One helpfully told Jonn: "I'd imagine it's a dummy or prototype. If fact I'd be surprised if it wasn't" – leaving him to reply: "You might be fact-checking a joke there, mate."

The inside of the passport wasn't the only detail to raise a few eyebrows, as some were left questioning whether the new design was actually blue at all.

One replied: "It's black not blue? Is this like the dress again?"

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