Experts share chocolate hack to improve periods as women rave about it

Giving into cravings on your period is common for many.

But, ramming your face full of chocolate and pizza might not always feel like the best decision after consumed.

However, having a bit of cocoa might actually do you some good.

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So hurrah for menstruating chocolate lovers as the time of the month has just got a bit more manageable – and tasty.

Dome Vitamins have produced vitamins infused with chocolate to help those struggling with the lows of having a period.

The Period Care chocolate coated domes have a special formula that aids the replenishment of iron when it's lost during menstruating.

According to a comprehensive Cochrane review involving over 10,000 women, it was found that intermittent iron supplementation in people who menstruate, may be an effective way to combat fatigue and irritability.

But, why the need for chocolate?

Well, it turns out the sweet treat is a great carrier for iron.

According to the experts at Dome Vitamins, they state: "Apart from being undeniably delicious chocolate is an excellent carrier of iron. It uplifts mood by unlocking the reward pathway in the brain.

"It also contains polyphenols which help regulate blood flow.

"Vitamins love chocolate just as much as everyone else.

"The stability studies undertaken by Dome Vitamins showed that all active ingredients were 99% stable in chocolate, even after 12 months.

"Chocolate contains polyphenols, which regulate blood flow, it also unlocks the reward pathway and instantly uplifts mood."

Even better, the artisanal chocolate infused with the Period Care domes is British made, sustainably packaged and are easy on the stomach.

A 10 day supply of the vitamins can be purchased for £9.99 on the Dome Vitamins website, here.


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