Facebook Expects More Data Breaches to Come "Regularly"

Facebook has now admitted that it expects more breaches of data to happen “regularly.”

The comments from the social media network originate from an internal email that was accidentally sent to Belgium’s Data News which addressed employees on a recent data breach involving more than half a billion users. Noting that the media has largely criticized the company over the security breach, it suggested under a segment titled “Long-term strategy” that it expects more of these incidents to occur in the future. It also goes further, saying that “it’s important to both frame this as a broad industry issue and normalize the fact that this activity happens regularly.”

The data breach earlier this month led to information from 533 million users across 106 countries being uploaded to a hacking forum. Facebook insists that the data is from a leak dating back to 2019 and that the information was taken from another publicly available site without breaching the social media platform’s security and servers. Some industry experts have responded claiming that the data isn’t from the 2019 breach as certain phone numbers had changed.

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