Facebook user posts photo of engagement ring – but people think it’s ‘garbage’

An anonymous woman posted a snap of an engagement ring on a popular Facebook group and people had the worst things to say about it.

In the viral picture, it shows a gold engagement ring with a small diamond and the letter “K” written on the side.

When the woman shared it on the That’s It, I’m Ring Shaming Facebook group, she accompanied the caption, which read: “Thoughts?”, with vomiting emojis.

And of course, this invited all sorts of members to comment on the “tacky” and “simple” engagement ring.

One said: “Looks cheap.”

Another added: “Nope.”

A third joked: “This is God awful garbage and I want one.”

While a fourth labelled it as “tacky”.

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But not everyone was hating on the ring as one member of the shaming group on Facebook group wrote: “It’s not the worst, but it’s very simple.”

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Previously, a woman showed off her engagement ring but Facebook users were too busy focusing on the bride’s nails.

The anonymous woman posted a clip of the ring which essentially invited members to slate the design.

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She wrote: “I don’t know if I should shame the ring or the nails… maybe both.”

On another occasion, Facebook members were left “vomiting” after a woman shared a photo of her engagement ring.

The set comes with a gold band and diamond on top, while the wedding ring appears to have a coloured diamond design.

And one person commented: “Brb vomiting.”

Another commented: “Those diamonds don’t look real. If they are diamonds.”

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