Family forced to flee new waterside home as flooded river washes garden away

A family was left homeless after a flooded river washed away the garden of their new waterside home.

Leigh Adams, 46, is now left with a house perched above a raging torrent with the foundations exposed.

Neighbours alerted him at 6am the day after Storm Dennis struck.

He, wife Simone, 40, and daughter Ellie, seven, escaped before the lawn vanished into the river.

Dramatic photos show the exposed foundations of the four-bedroom home and their back door opening on to a 10ft sheer drop into the water.

When the Adamses bought the £400,000 new-build in Newport, South Wales, 22 months ago they were reassured about its flood protection.

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The estate was allowed only on condition “robust defences” were put in.

Builders Redrow are now footing the bill for the family’s stay in a hotel.

Leigh said: “Over about an hour I watched the river bank collapse and take my garden. The fence went, along with the garden furniture, the patio and all the recycling bins. Then it proceeded to take scaffolding we had up to fit solar panels.

“I rushed my family out. My wife and daughter just sat in the car because we didn’t know where to go.

“We have wonderful neighbours who said ‘Let’s start moving things’. They helped us get our daughter’s teddy bears out and we moved our photos upstairs.”

Architect Leigh and teacher Simone are now calling for Redrow to move them to a new house on the estate.

Simone said: “When we bought the house we were given cast-iron guarantees. We are at breaking point.”

Newport Council said it refused per­­mission for the houses because they were on a flood plain but the ruling was overturned by the Welsh Government.

Builders Redrow said the Adamses house was the only one of 108 on the site which had been made uninhabitable.

It added: “We will continue to do what we can to help the Adams family during this distressing time.”

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