Flight attendant lists the best seats to opt for when flying economy

It has become common knowledge that the seats nearest to the wing have the smoothest ride whereas those at the back of the plane tend to be bumpier, but several other factors come into play when sitting at either end of the plane.

According to one flight attendant, sitting on certain rows could ensure your flight goes as smoothly as possible, without the annoyances of noisy children or smelly toilets.

Air hostess Sandra Jeenie Kwon, who goes by @jeenie.weenie on Instagram, broke down the best and worst seats to book when flying economy for her 1.1 million followers.

She said: “The first elimination should be a no brainer, the middle seats suck, so let’s get rid of all the middle seats. The back rows of every section do not recline. so let’s get rid of those seats.”

Moving onto the emergency seats, which offer more legroom, Jennie explains that the obvious issue is that that there’s nowhere to store personal belongings.

“They also have those flimsy seats and tables. For those reasons, let’s scrap them,” added the stewardess.

To ensure weight is evenly distributed across the aircraft, flight companies always ensure the front section of the plane is the first to be filled.

Passengers booking flights in advance are more likely to be allocated one of these seats, therefore more likely to have an empty seat on their row if they deliberately book at sat at the rear of the plane.

“For those reasons, I prefer the back,” she added. “Seats near the toilet really stink, I recommend a five-row buffer just to be in the ‘safe zone’.

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“The next one is personal preference, I hate asking people to move so I can use the toilet – and for that reason, I eliminate all window [seats].

“Because meals are typically served front to back, you have a higher chance of getting your meal choice at the front.”

The stewardess continued to decide which seats are the best by a process of elimination, which indicates that the ideal seat choice is in fact 49 C/D/F/G.

Commenting on the video, one user said: “No! Now people will rush to these seats and they’ll become more expensive than business class,” while another pointed out: “The amount of people that’ll be fighting for seats 49 C/D/F/G after watching this… omg!”

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