Furious Man Utd fans pay for night with Ryan Giggs – only to get Gary Neville instead – The Sun

FURIOUS Manchester United fans have slammed the Class of ‘92 legends after paying for a night with Ryan Giggs – only to get Gary Neville.

Andy Wood was among hundreds who paid £50 for a ticket for “An Evening with Ryan Giggs” held at Hotel Football, which Ryan and Gary own along with fellow former players Phil Neville, Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt.

The event promised fans they would be able to “listen to the stories from the most decorated Manchester United player of all times and enjoy a beautiful three course dinner at Hotel Football”.

But just days before the event on 22 February, fans were told Gary Neville had been brought in as a “late substitute for Ryan Giggs”.

United fan Andy attended the evening, but sent a withering complaint email to Hotel Football the following day, labelling the night “awful”.

He wrote: “I would be ashamed if an establishment, that I owned or managed, performed so poorly.

“And before you tell me that ‘it was an external booking’ and ‘we were just the venue’, please remember that the star guest part owns said establishment.”

The Manchester United fan hit out at the line-up change, saying: “Gary Neville was awful. We came to see Ryan Giggs. I wouldn’t cross an empty road to see Gary Neville. Ever.”

And he claimed Neville was “rude” to guests asking for selfies by asking them to hurry up.

He also labelled the food and compere “beyond shocking” and slammed organisers for organising a quiz to drag the evening out.

Andy added: “You are no better than the Glazers. Class of 92. No class at all.”

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