Fury leads chanting protesters on a march through Morecambe

Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury leads chanting protesters on a march through Morecambe claiming ‘racist’ local pubs are banning travellers… and demands the Prime Minister visit his home town to see for himself

  • Tyson Fury filmed himself and travellers marching at protest in Morecambe
  • Heavyweight champion demanded Prime Minister Boris Johnson see for himself
  • ‘You need to come to Morecambe and out the racists’, he told Prime Minister
  • Fury is proud of his heritage and fights under the moniker ‘Gypsy King’ in the ring

World heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has demanded Prime Minister Boris Johnson visit Morecambe to combat racism towards travellers.

The British boxing superstar, who fights under the moniker ‘Gypsy King’, led a march through his hometown to different pubs which he claims are ‘racist’ and ‘banning’ members of the community.  

The 32-year-old posted a video of a protest march in Morecambe and Lancaster on Twitter on Wednesday evening along with the message, ‘It’s NOT OK to be racist to travellers’.  

World heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury led a march through Morecambe 

The crowd were chanting ‘Travellers’ Lives Matter’ as they marched to different pubs

Fury is proud of his heritage and fights under the nickname ‘Gypsy King’ in the ring 

In the video, Fury says: ‘I call out the Prime Minister. Where are you? You need to come to Morecambe and out the racists. Boris, where are you Boris? 

‘It’s not OK to be racist to travellers. It’s not acceptable.’

The video shows protesters chanting ‘TLM’ – Travellers’ Lives Matter – and wearing t-shirts and carrying banners emblazoned with the message ‘TLM for everyone’.

In an earlier clip, the boxer, who has traveller heritage, says: ‘Here I am, here in Lancaster. 

‘There is a protest going on, Travellers’ Lives Matter. There shouldn’t be racism towards travellers in 2020.’    

Wearing a WBC cap, Fury appeared to be the ringleader of the group and lead them to different locations. 

Many of the protesters held signs, wore specially made t-shirts for the protest and also had face coverings, although there did not appear to be any social distancing. 

Some of the crowd had their masks pulled down or placed beneath their noses.

It seems the group borrowed their slogan directly from Black Lives Matter (BLM), the movement that has gathered incredible global momentum for racial equality and justice since the killing of George Floyd by police in Minnesota.

Fury is seen regularly in his local community of Morecambe and maintains a similar lifestyle to the one he has always had, despite earning millions in his undefeated boxing career.  

Fury filmed himself at the march and posted the video to his followers on social media 

Fury is waiting for a third fight against American Deontay Wilder (left) who he beat in February

As with many professional athletes, Fury’s career has been halted by the coronavirus pandemic. 

He is due to face American Deontay Wilder in a third fight, having won by knockout in the second and risen off the canvas to draw the first. 

His promoter Frank Warren has ruled out staging the contest behind closed doors without fans as the money from tickets is too significant to miss out on. 

So as it stands Fury is waiting for a date and location to complete his trilogy with Wilder and set up a potentially spectacular two fights with British rival Anthony Joshua next year, having agreed in principle to the deal.  

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