George Clooney has no sympathy for actors who think their job’s rough

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George Clooney’s end-of-the-world film “The Midnight Sky” shot in arctic Iceland. He bitched it was tough.

“I’ve done physically rough films. ‘Perfect Storm’ I got beat up in the water. In this, my character’s dying, so I had to lose weight. You get weakened. Directing, you need to work out first, get into shape, because as the general you’re carrying all these people up the hill. Physically it was a lot.

“But, listen, I once cut tobacco for a living for $3 an hour. When actors say how hard it is, I’m like, ‘Come cut tobacco for a day.’ I also sold ladies’ shoes and insurance door to door. To do our job, to still be kids, play make-believe, we should enjoy it. We’re the lucky ones.

“Also, if you do more takes on yourself than the other actors — you’re a schmuck. You have to do your stuff as quickly as possible and get it over with.”

“The Midnight Sky” begins streaming Dec. 23 on Netflix.

Gotta love NYC

What planet is living on, who knows, but they’ve right now discovered the joys of travel. This cutting-edge thing just named the “Coolest City To Visit in Each State.” About Iowa, who cares? For New York they said: “The obvious choice. Hard to overlook the Big Apple’s glory. Michelin-star restaurants, helicopter tours, star-studded international events, the Met, Guggenheim, elite museums. New York City’s down-to-earth character and charisma is where anything can and does happen and caters to those with money to spend. Don’t miss the Statue of Liberty, iconic Central Park … colorful neighborhoods and creative street eateries.” Creative street eateries? Great idea. The nearest one I can think of is in Kenya.

Rockin’ out with Carter

Marching on, there’s the doc “Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President,” which for some reason is a Who’s What of music: Sarah Vaughan, Dizzy Gillespie, Loretta Lynn, Bob Dylan. Interviews with Trisha Yearwood, Jimmy Buffett, Rosanne Cash, Madeleine Albright — who, as I recall, was no great singer. For many it was their first shot at the White House. Gregg Allman: “We’d never seen finger bowls. Cher picked hers up and drank it.” She probably followed the president.

Thanks ‘Mank’

Tired of clipping your nails and trying new recipes? Thank “Mank.” A black-and-white big-budget David Fincher film about Herman Mankiewicz. Who??? He co-wrote Orson Welles’ “Citizen Kane.” Gary Oldman, who immortalizes him, admits you’ve probably never heard of him. “Long back, Mankiewicz even wrote for the Marx Brothers. I’ve played lots of dead people. Even drunks. I was one myself once. Our banquet scene was shot over five days — 13 takes just on me. Plus we had to cover the others at the table. And I’d do my character’s eight-minute speech every time. David doesn’t like pickups. It’s the whole scene every time. I must’ve done it 80 times. I finally threw up.” Hey, all’s well that ends Welles.

Pay attention

What’s the rest of mankind doing? Ted Hartley was in the Navy, was an actor, married Dina Merrill, ran RKO. Now 96, he paints and says, “Dina drew birds. They had wings on their tails, but they were originals.” Right. She’s gone. His stuff’s in Julie Keyes’ gallery in Sag Harbor … And from a friend in Stockholm: “Here nobody’s wearing a mask. They believe in herd immunity. They just steam ahead shedding droplets” … Jeanna de Waal, once set to play Princess Diana onstage, has founded a theater camp for adults, Broadway Weekends, led by stage pros. Classes virtual.

Today you call a friend around the corner. Ask, “How you feeling?” The answer: “Why? What did you hear?”

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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