Gran’s unusual wish on her 94th birthday gets 13m views in brilliant TikTok clip

A grandma has turned into a viral sensation after making a rather different wish while celebrating her 94th birthday with her family.

Paige Kidder, from the US, was showered with love and presents by her family as she turned the ripe old age last week.

In a TikTok video filmed by her granddaughter Pauline, Paige sits at the table in front of a pink frosting cake while the others are singing Happy Birthday to her.

Paige says to the group: "Well, thank you so much. I hope this is my last."

The unexpected reply caught on camera has been watched more than 13million times.

The 23-year-old, from Arlington, Virginia, said her gran's response left her friends in an awkward place, but her family responded differently.

She told LADbible: "After my grandma said her now-famous quote, 'I hope this is my last', I was not nearly as shocked as my friends were given that she's been jokingly saying this for a few years now.

"At least, that's what I like to believe is a joke.

"My friends awkwardly chuckled and her sons, my dad and uncle, being used to hearing it, just went about cutting the cake."

Pauline also said her gran is pretty much "full of life" and is able to recall stories dating back to when she was a little girl.

Paige is also very independent and "drives anywhere" on her own.

The video has turned the pensioner into an internet star overnight as viewers joked "grandma is a mood".

"I'm happy that many of the reactions have been so positive and that everyone loves my grandma," Pauline added. "I think she deserves that."

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