Hilary Duff Waves Hello In Winnetka Bowling League's Homemade 'Kangaroo' Video

Earlier this year, Winnetka Bowling League’s Matthew Koma and his wife, Hilary Duff, teamed up with RAC for an update of Third Eye Blind’s pop gem “Never Let You Go.” It felt like a distillation of the pair’s musical prowess: Duff’s gilded vocals and Koma’s penchant for harnessing honeyed melodies. On his band’s latest single “Kangaroo,” the melodies are just as sweet, coupled with crunching chords and a big beat.

Something as sweet as “Kangaroo” deserves an equally candied video, and on Wednesday (May 6), Winnetka Bowling League unveiled what that could look like. Naturally, it looks like a charming few minutes of homemade ingenuity.

The latest in what’s become a new wave of necessarily DIY visuals, Koma and his WBL bandmates recorded their parts separately due to stay-at-home orders during the global pandemic. That means no high-gloss concepts, not even like the quartet was able to pull off in the goofy “CVS” clip from earlier this year (which naturally starred Duff as a store employee).

She stops by for a cameo in this clip, too, right on time when Koma shouts her out, calling her “a wife who’s got a better job” and who “backs me and my indie rock.” The rest of the video’s three minutes are spent getting cozy with endearingly lo-fi space props, kids’ toys, fanny packs, star decor, and the like. It shows just how creative artists have gotten with whatever’s lying around the house — and whatever they can turn into great ambiance for a shoot.

The clip was “directed (from home)” by Zack Sekuler. Check it out in full above.

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