Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Sunday, May 14


New interests make life more interesting. You’re looking to the future through new eyes. An older friend or relative will not share your zest for life. Other people will find it infectious. Learning to overcome your desire to please everyone will pave the way for greater happiness.


Instead of giving up when things go wrong, use your initiative. You feel disillusioned with a relationship when it becomes obvious someone has been promising far more than they could deliver. You aren’t creating unrealistic expectations, you have just put your trust in the wrong person.


If someone isn’t happy enjoying quiet, simple pleasures together, ask yourself whether you are with the right person. You might be wondering how much you and a friend actually have in common when they don’t seem content unless you are the one who is financing everything.


A partner is going out of their way to make you feel loved and appreciated. Enjoy each and every wonderful moment you spend together. You’re going through experiences you have never been to before and you will need some time alone later to reflect on your feelings.


You might try to track down a friend you lost touch with years ago. You would love to meet up again one day and this could be a good time to start your detective work. If you are looking for work, explore opportunities relating to travel, education and publishing.


Taking a sensitive approach to relationships will mean you can talk through differences in the family without everyone falling out with each other. Your thoughtful suggestions can bring you closer together. Encourage a loved one to launch their own business or start a dream project.


Devote time and energy to activities that bring you happiness. A short trip could be on the cards. Keep pushing for what you want. You will enjoy the challenge of arranging a group outing yourself. This means if you aren’t happy with arrangements you will have a chance to negotiate better terms.


You’re standing on the threshold of a new life chapter. You might be nervous about new starts and mixing with new people but the people you do meet couldn’t be more friendly. Share your bright ideas in a work or study situation as these will light up your life.


Sudden, surprising developments in a relationship will give you a lot to think about. A friendship or work relationship could develop into a romance. Keep a close eye on finances. New measures will be introduced to bring spending back in line.


If you sense you and a partner are growing apart, now would be a good time to think of new ways to revamp your love life. Not just to satisfy your need for more affection but to make your other half feel special too. Make an extra effort to please the ones you love.


Time flies when you are having fun. Some opportunities you take up today will be too good to miss. You don’t mind going along with alternative suggestions if some arrangements have to be postponed or cancelled. A friend who hates change will not find it so easy to cope.


Hiding away from the world may not solve all your problems. What it will do is give you a chance to relax and recoup your energy. If you need some time alone, close the curtains, turn off your mobile and lose yourself in a good book or sentimental movie.

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