How Bhad Bhabie Turned From Troubled Youth To $6 Million Woman

By all accounts, Danielle Bregoli was a very troubled young lady. Her mother was at her wits end and couldn’t find a way to get through to her grossly misbehaving child. Feeling she had limited options remaining, she dragged Danielle to the Dr. Phil Show in September of 2016, in an effort to get professional assistance.

Danielle’s attitude stunned the audience, and as she resisted the help she was being offered, she challenged the audience to a fight by saying “cash me outside” which was intended as a threat to get into a physical fight. The world was shocked by her behavior and assumed her future was doomed. Within less than a year of her appearance on the show, the BBC reports that she transformed her life in a way that nobody expected.

Now known to the world as Bhad Bhabie, she has penned a rap music deal and now sits comfortably with a current net worth of $6 million. This is how she did it…

Bad Beginnings

As a child, Bhad Bhabie was unruly and rather abusive towards her mother, Barbara-Anne. She was clearly not open to making behavioral changes, nor was she interested in anyone else’s feelings or perspectives. She even went as far as lying about her mother being a drug user, and she was known to steal cars. In fact, while on the set of the Dr. Phil show, she stole the cars belonging to one of his personnel. She took it for a joyride and caused an absolute scene on the set of the show as people scrambled to understand why she would take this sort of action.

As part of her treatment program with Dr. Phil, she was placed in a specialty care program, and for a while it seemed to prove successful. Once she was discharged from the program at the Turn-About Ranch, it became immediately apparent that she had just appeased everyone in an effort to be released. She quickly went back to her criminal behavior, with a twist. Her wild ways had attracted quite a fan following, and she set her sights on maximizing on this exposure.

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Breaking Into The Industry

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In February of 2017, Danielle went on to star in Kodak Black’s Everything 1k Video, sitting in a very expensive Rolls Royce while lip synching and posing for the cameras. She then went on to indicate that Live Nation was giving her a chance to do two test shows, one in Florida, and one in Houston, to test the waters and see if she can generate a crowd and produce quality entertainment. She was scheduled to take the stage and follow up with a question and answer period for fans. At the time, people were attracted to her unapologetic ways, and were happy to see a young star her age being true to themselves and not conforming to society’s pressure of how she “should” act.

Just one day before the tickets were to be sold, she was presented with some new opportunities and her manager pulled the plug on these 2 performances.

This proved to be a smart move. She opted to release her first single, These Heaux  and officially introduced herself to the world as ‘Bhad Bhabie’.  Page Six reports the lyrics as being:  “I ain’t nothin’ like these h*es/ Don’t compare me to no one/ Money green like Cee Lo/ Yeah my pocket so swollen.'”  They went on to say that; “the meme-worthiness of it all made Danielle the youngest female to debut at No. 77 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.”

By September of 2017, Bhad Bhabie had already amassed quite a following, and was officially signed with Atlantic Records. This was a multi-million dollar, multi-album deal by a major organization that represents the likes of Cardi B, Ed Sheeran, and Bruno Mars.

Maintaining And Growing

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Bhad Bhabie is among the very few that have been able to turn a life of criminal charges into a life of international fame and fortune. Most would have never guessed she could make it this far, and she truly shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. In fact, each day that passes sees a rise in the number of followers she has on social media, and increases her popularity and level of influence. She currently has a following of 17.3 million fans on Instagram alone, and has truly masterminded her own career.

Bhad Bhabie released four more singles in 2017, at the young age of 14, and her song Gucci Flip Flops was certified gold. In most recent news, Bhad Bhabie just made a cool $1 million through her OnlyFans account, and she raked in this huge income in less than 6 hours.

It’s safe to say she is well on her way to an even increased level of fame and fortune. Bhad Bhabie has a lot more to offer to the world, and fans are excited to receive it all.

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