How to keep cats out of garden

For some, cats are welcomed garden guests, however, they can also be a real headache for some who want to keep their outdoor space nice and tidy. Keeping cats out of your garden is easier than you might think. tells you how to deter cats from your garden safely and humanely, without harming them.

How to keep cats out of garden

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has provided some tips on how to keep cats out of your garden.

RSPCA said: “Initially, avoid feeding roaming cats as unsurprisingly this will encourage them to return to your garden.

“Otherwise, by planting shrubs closely, cats are less likely to be able to dig in your garden (you can use pebbles or chipping too).


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“You can also keep flower beds wet, as cats don’t normally like wet ground.

“If a cat does enter your garden you can always shoo or clap them away, or even install an automatic spray that detects motion.

“Otherwise, high, close-boarded fences will make it difficult for cats to enter your garden.”

Cats are incredible jumpers and climbers and have no issues with springing over fences and walls.

You should try to secure the perimeter of your garden, however, you could be facing an uphill struggle.

According to home and garden magazine Sage, there is a solution, and it comes in the shape of flexible garden fence and wall strips which you can buy at garden centres, DIY superstores and online garden retailers.

Saga wrote: “These are made from a strong bendy rubber material, are easy to install and can be cut to size according to the size and shape of your garden.

“The strips don’t hurt animal intruders, but simply discourage them from climbing.

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“You can get them in unobtrusive colours to blend in neatly in your garden.

“Fixing lines of string along the top of fences is a cheaper, if less effective deterrent.

“While it can’t stop a cat jumping over, it does make it harder for them to walk along the top.”

Another way of getting rid of cats in your garden is with homemade natural cat repellents.

According to Saga, oils such as lavender, citronella, lemongrass and peppermint “have been known to work as non-toxic cat repellents”.

The magazine added: “Mix these as one-part essential oil to three-parts water and shake up in a spray canister.

“Lightly spray the mix in parts of the garden which are out of bounds to cats, or soak cotton wool balls with the mix and place them in those areas.

“However, in the same way not all cats love catnip, some cats will not be driven off by the smell of these herbs.”

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