How your moon sign affects your relationships

what you need to know about your moon sign

You may know your star sign (if you don’t, quickly head over to our horoscopes page to find out), but what does the moon mean for you?

It’s not all about being a Libra, you know.

Your star sign – also known as your sun sign – is the one most people refer to when discussing horoscopes and personality traits.

But everyone also has a moon sign, based on the Zodiac.

What does the moon sign reveal, how do you find it, and why is it worth knowing? We explore all this ahead.

How do you find out your moon sign?

You’ll need the date, time, and the place you were born to find your moon sign.

Once you know that, you can find a bunch of free resources online – just search ‘free birth chart’. We like this one, by CafeAstrology.

‘A natal chart or birth chart is like a snapshot of the sky at the moment you were born, and it will tell you your moon sign,’ explains Ashley Cramer, the founder of lunar astrology app, Lunar Alignment.

‘It’s important to know your exact time of birth because the moon changes signs about every two and a half days.

‘If you don’t know your time of birth, you can use 12 noon as a fill-in, but that could land you with the wrong moon sign.

‘I personally know someone who was born just a few hours earlier than me. The moon changed signs on our birthday, so even though we have the same birthdate and birthplace, he has a different moon sign.’

What does your moon sign reveal about you?

While you might think your sun sign is the big one, your moon sign is definitely worth knowing. It’s all about how you interact with others and your emotional needs – so can be really interesting to think about in the context of relationships.

Ashley tells us: ‘Your moon sign reveals what you need from others, particularly how you feel emotionally fulfilled and nourished and how you receive love.

‘A person’s moon sign can reveal a lot about what they need in a relationship, and I don’t just mean romantic relationships.

‘For example, if you know that your boss is a Virgo moon, you’ll know to be thoughtful and logical – they’ll appreciate plans more than using them as a sounding board for ideas.

‘Or, if your mother is a Capricorn moon, you can be sure that a flashy birthday gift will mean more to her than something sentimental.

‘Your moon sign is about your inner world and your emotional needs. It’s helpful to understand how you receive love and your expectations of how other people interact with you.’

What each moon sign needs

‘In a relationship, it’s really helpful to know your own moon because that helps you understand how you feel loved, and knowing your partner’s moon sign can help you sign and your partner’s moon sign,’ says Ashley. ‘That gives you information about how you feel emotionally nourished and about how to show your partner you care for them.’

Each moon sign comes with distinct emotional desires. Let’s take a look at each one.

Aries moon

Aries moons want to be the centre of attention. They love spontaneity and to feel like you went the extra mile to impress them.

Taurus moon

Taurus moons crave thoughtfulness and to be seduced through their senses – think delicious dinners and indulgent treats or surprising them with something they said they’d love.

Gemini moon

Gemini moons want to know how you feel. They want frequent communication, and they love back-and-forth conversations.

Cancer moon

Cancer moons are very nurturing and emotional sign. In return, they need to be nurtured and to share their feelings. Cancers also love things that are nostalgic or sentimental.

Leo moon

Leo moons hate to be ignored, so do things to let them know you’ve been thinking about them.

They’re also the life of the party, so take them out on the town.

Virgo moon

Virgo Moons will be most impressed by thoughtful plans. They have a logical and practical approach to love and want to feel mutual respect.

Libra moon

Libra moons love romance. Ruled by Venus, they can be wooed by all things beautiful.

They can be indecisive, so surprise them by taking care of everything.

Scorpio moon

Scorpio moons are very intense – emotionally and sexually. They crave lots of one-on-one time to get to know each other deeply.

Sagittarius moon

Sagittarius moons crave new experiences and novelty. They like to feel intellectually stimulated and adventurous.

Capricorn moon

Capricorn moons, more than other signs, tend to be materialistic. They love to be showered with lavish gifts and grand gestures.

Aquarius moon

Aquarius moons love freedom, so don’t make them feel confined. They’re very cerebral, so show them you care by taking interest in things they like.

Pisces moon

Pisces moons need emotional connection. They have a playful side, but the real key to their hearts is authentic, two-way communication.

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