I dont care if my child swears – parents that do are hypocrites

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A mum says potty-mouthed parents are “hypocrites” if they don’t let their children swear like they do.

In a first-person piece for Cafe Mom, Alissa admitted she lets her daughter curse without punishing her.

She explained: "As parents who believe in doing our best to model the behaviour we expect out of our children, it would be hypocritical to hold our child to a standard that neither of us adheres to."

Instead of restricting terms from her daughter’s vocabulary, she wants to teach her that “words have power”.

Once this is realised, kids are less likely to use expletives to insult another person.

It’s also likely it takes the “taboo” out of swearing that makes so many kids want to do it constantly.

Alissa explained: “By removing the shame and punitive energy surrounding swearing early and often, children are better equipped to make distinctions between words that are used as a healthy means of exclaiming or emphasising, and words that serve no other purpose than to insult or degrade.

“When our daughter inevitably encounters words that truly are unacceptable, for example, racial slurs and other derogatory terms, we take comfort knowing that her pre-existing knowledge of the impact that words can have will help her to understand more specifically why those kinds of words truly have no place being spoken.

“Rather than just designating impermissible words as 'bad,' or 'things we don’t say,' her social acuity will continue to be reinforced through awareness and understanding.”

While Alissa’s argument makes sense to some parents, others worry about the child swearing out in public.

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When asked if this was a concern for her, Alissa responded by saying swearing is largely “harmless”.

She doesn’t think kids who curse are a “reflection of one’s parenting”.

The writer added: “In a world where mothers can be shamed for practically any reason, let’s not let our children’s occasional swearing be one of them.”

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