I make up to £4,000 a month selling my used underwear online

As I uploaded a photo of myself in a lace thong and matching bralette, I thought about what caption I wanted to have for my first ever time selling my used underwear online. 

I settled on ‘I’m down for anything’.

Within days, strangers on the internet began requesting I do various activities in my knickers – including s***ing myself – and then send it to them, and that’s when I realised maybe ‘anything’ was the wrong choice of word.

I ended up choosing a buyer I was comfortable with (who wanted me to send the items as is) wrapping up my underwear, posting it off to America and then cashing in my sweet reward.

That was in April 2019 – and just over two years later, I’m still selling my used items online and making more money than I do in my full-time retail job.

And I’ve been thriving with it ever since.

As a 22-year-old university student with a part-time job in retail at the start of 2019, I longed for an extra source of income. I’d moved out of my childhood home at an early age so I was ready for a level of independence that afforded me some extra comfort in life.

I had heard through friends and social media about people selling their used items online so I scoured websites to see if I could suss out how it all worked.

That’s when I came across Sofia Gray – a site devoted to connecting people looking to buy and sell used items, typically underwear.

I liked the way the site was presented and how anonymous it was, so I decided to give it a go. I made a profile – initially only giving my first name and age – and then uploaded my photo.

A week later, I’d made my first sale and the rush I felt from it was exhilarating. 

The process is really simple. I post a picture or someone who’s registered on the site sends me a message with a request and I’ll try to accommodate, if I feel comfortable.

A customer could reach out to me and ask if I had anything red or lacey and if so, they can tell me what they’d ideally like me to do in it. This can be anything from going for a jog in it and getting a bit sweaty to more X-rated stuff like pleasuring myself.

If I don’t have the item they’re looking for, I can just order it online to be delivered to me the next day.

If I’m happy and comfortable to accommodate the request, I’ll accept it, do the activity and then mail off the item to the client. It’s not just underwear either – sometimes people will request socks, tights, skirts or even dresses.

I’ll charge around £50 for underwear but more if there are any special requests outside of wearing it for 24 hours.

There could also be a bit of back-and-forth with the whole process – like maybe they want to know what you’re up to, what you’re doing with the underwear and how you’re doing it. I’m happy to oblige but I’m also confident in knowing where the line is with what I’m uncomfortable doing.

That includes soiling myself. There’s no shame or judgement from me about doing that, it’s just something I don’t want to do for hygiene reasons so I don’t.

Within three months of selling my used items online, I realised that it was a viable way of making money. Today, I have about 20 regular customers who keep coming back each month and anything on top of that is just a bonus.

I’ve built a rapport with my regular clients and even though I don’t really share too much about myself with them, they open up to me about their lives and I listen.

On average, I make about £1,400 per month but in a good month, I’ve made close to £4,000. I know that if I wanted to earn more, I could quit my full-time retail job and run this as my regular source of income but I like having my day job and this on the side.

I’m also not completely open with my family about it because I’m not ready to share this side of myself with them yet, so I keep my retail job for a sense of stability. A few open-minded close friends – who have OnlyFans accounts – know so it’s nice to be able to confide in them.

For anyone interested in selling their used items online, I say go for it. 

I really feel like the demand for buying and selling used items is only going to go from strength to strength – especially as things like shops are increasingly moving online.

I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon and I think it’s important to share how it all works from the perspective of someone who actually does it so that it’s normalised.

At the end of the day, we all just want to make a better life for ourselves – if you can do that in a safe way while also providing a service that benefits others in a shame-free environment, why not?

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