I was kicked out of home for wearing "inappropriate" swimsuit when I was alone

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    A racy model accused her former landlord of "kicking her out" over a swimsuit row.

    Marisol Yotta was allegedly asked to leave her home because she filmed videos in an 'inappropriate swimsuit'.

    She has been an OnlyFans model for the last two and a half years and has gained more than 100,000 followers on social media from sharing adult snaps.

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    But the 31-year-old says her saucy job landed her in hot water with her landlord – who apparently refused to renew her lease because of it.

    In the video, which has gained more than 9,000 likes, Marisol wore a see-through swimsuit that left her nipples exposed while she was out in her pool by herself at 7am.

    And while her fans were impressed by the busty display, her landlord apparently wasn't.

    According to Marisol, his lawyers issued a cease and desist order over the clip.

    She claims they also demanded she leaves her luxury apartments in Florida – because her filming was deemed "inappropriate."

    Speaking to the Daily Star, she explained: "Five weeks after I posted the video, I got a letter telling me that my bathing suit is not appropriate and they told my landlord not to extend my lease.

    "I was shocked because they stalked my Instagram because nobody saw me at the pool. It was 7am and I was alone there.

    "I am now no longer allowed there. I can’t enter the island."

    In defiance of the landlord, she has since reposted the video with the caption: "This is the video I got discriminated for.

    "(They) wrote me a letter from their attorneys and told me I am no longer welcome on their island because of this video.

    "Well obviously it’s no problem for IG but when I go swimming at 7am in the morning alone in the pool then it’s a problem for the board who just stalk my Instagram instead of repairing the steamer, the jacuzzi or the kid's playground.

    "Wrong priorities at this island."

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    The model claims she's been forced to move out – and is now looking for somewhere that women are "celebrated and not shamed" for their looks.

    She added: "I had to move out and currently I am on a road trip across the USA. I don’t fight this because I go where I am celebrated and not tolerated."

    The X-rated star went on to say other groups are protected from prejudices but "beautiful girls get discriminated against on a daily basis".

    Marisol's former landlord has been contacted for comment via their lawyers.


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