IKEA and Sonos Unveil New Customizable Table Lamp Speaker

IKEA U.S. and Sonos have teamed up to release their latest version of the SYMFONISK table lamp speaker.

The smart lamp first debuted in 2019, marking the first collaboration between the American electronics company and the Swedish furniture giant. The new speaker-lamp has been outfitted with updated acoustic architecture that uses a custom waveguide to produce smooth sound from any angle.

The 2019 version connects over WiFi to other Sonos devices or can be used independently to listen to more than 100 streaming services. It is also compatible with Airplay 2 so users can stream audio directly from their Apple devices.

“By integrating a speaker into a table lamp, we can save space, decrease clutter and create atmosphere with both light and sound,” said Stjepan Begic, product owner at IKEA of Sweden, in a press release. He noted that since the launch of the first SYMFONISK device, the company was able to learn a lot about user behavior and modify the new device accordingly.

“For example, a lot of people use the lamp speaker on a nightstand, which led us to create a new, slightly smaller lamp base,” he said.

The new SYMFONISK device now offers separate speaker lamp bases and speaker lampshades, allowing for greater customizability. Colors include black or white lamp bases and either a textile or glass lampshade in black or white. 

The new SYMFONISK table lamp speaker will be available beginning October 12 in IKEA U.S. stores, on IKEA-USA.com and in select European markets before it reaches all IKEA markets in 2022.

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