I'm 76 and hate my chin. Am I too old for a thread lift?

Shh! Anti-agers no one but you need know about: I’m 76 and hate my chin. Am I too old for a thread lift?

  • An anonymous reader asked for advice to stop sagging underneath her chin
  • Inge van Lotringen spoke to Dr Vincent Wong about the best treatment
  • Dr Vincent recommends threads by Relife Definisse, which starts from £1,600 

Q At 76, I have fairly good skin but I hate the sagging underneath my chin. Am I too old for a thread lift?

A ‘Age is just a number when it comes to threads,’ says Dr Vincent Wong. As long as skin is in good condition, he says, and can still generate collagen (a doctor must assess this), you can have a thread lift.

Wong favours threads by Relife Definisse as ‘they’re made from the most collagen-stimulating material’ (meaning they will make skin firmer) and ‘whose design gives optimum lift’.

An anonymous reader asked Inge van Lotringen for advice to stop sagging underneath her chin (file image)

The procedure, which involves injecting surgical threads under the skin to pull it up, is painless under local anaesthetic and starts from £1,600 at Vindoc Aesthetics (drvincentwong.com, cosmedic-clinic.co.uk).

But, Wong warns, often skin sagging in the chin area is also due to volume loss, requiring additional dermal fillers in the jawline. So a combination of treatments is often advised. Fillers would cost around £900.

Wong does say that for dramatic improvement of quite slack skin (which would necessitate additional heat-based treatments such ultrasound or radiofrequency, with the whole lot totalling up to £5,000), lower facelift surgery is often a better option and not that much more expensive.

The key is to select a reputable physician who can discuss all options with you honestly.

Inge van Lotringen (pictured) shared advice from Dr Vincent Wong who recommends threads by Relife Definisse

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