Inside Lonsdaleite Estate: The $185 Million Swiss Ice Palace

People do say that living in excess style and luxury isn’t good. But when the ultra-rich have spare change to spend, it can be quite difficult not to give in to the temptation of buying whatever their hearts desire. Whether that is through collecting millions of dollars’ worth of shoes, handbags, or watches, people will always want to live in opulence. Now, when the word luxury comes up in conversations, people think of big houses, expensive cars, and all the vacation spots money can buy.

Many people forget, however, that if they had the cash for it, they can even buy themselves a nice castle in the Alps. Yes, that’s right. A modern-day ice palace is situated in Switzerland’s snowy mountains, just waiting to be discovered. Imagine lounging around, a glass of wine in hand, in a private vacation home away from the hustle of the city. Now, doesn’t that sound fun? Let’s take a look inside Switzerland’s $185 million Ice Palace: The Lonsdaleite Estate.

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When Frozen Meets Hogwarts

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Somewhere in the Swiss Alps, a beautiful ice palace is waiting to be discovered by the public. The Lonsdaleite Estate located in St. Moritz located in the country where lots of billionares live, Switzerland made headlines after going public on the housing market. People say that this architectural marvel even has a ceiling with floating candles, a magnificent display that can even rival Hogwarts’ Great Hall. The Lonsdaleite features over 43,000 square feet of space, with world-class amenities sprawled across 7 floors.

The huge estate is situated right in between snowcapped mountains in the Engadin alpine valley region. The reception hall is huge but cozy and lets people marvel at the surrounding environment through 35-foot floor-to-ceiling windows. It has huge dual-arched fireplaces, a red-velvet encased library, and secret rooms hidden away from prying eyes. The Estate is designed to make billionaires’ jaws drop once they see both the exterior and the interior. The Lonsdaleite is named after a type of diamond and manages to live up to that name.

The Lonsdaleite also features a beautiful ski resort, and it is all on private property. This makes it a winter wonderland haven for the rich and famous. The halls and floors are covered in stone and glass façades, and it even has a six-sided staircase that serves as the backbone of the estate. The main reception area is covered in floor-to-ceiling windows that provide a breathtaking view of the Swiss Alps.

The Features Of The $185 Million Swiss Palace

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The room beside the main reception hall, is another reception area. This time, it is a room with walls covered in mink fur. Walking a bit into the room, people will discover a wall beside which doubles as a sliding door. Once slid, it reveals a hidden room on the other side. Step into the room, and people will find a sleek, modern library.

This room is sheathed in red velvet walls, and complete with a mahogany desk and leather seats. Within the secret library, is another hidden room – this time it unveils an office that’s perfect for people who want to get their work done asap.

The Lonsdaleite also has a breakfast nook that is egg-shaped, with walls covered in 24-carat gold. A custom-made egg sculpture hangs from the ceiling. It is reported that this sculpture alone costs $145,000 to make. The room itself has a vibe that is warm and inviting; an ideal place for people to relax and unwind after a night of partying. Glass stairs lead to five bedrooms, all covered in cashmere walls. The bathrooms that adjoin the bedrooms each feature a different stone, where one can even see zebra-striped marble.

A Journey Into The Scandinavian Luxury

The master bedroom’s floor is enveloped in white Scandinavian fox fur, also complete with floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto a $1.8 million sculpture. The bathroom has a 360-degree shower at the center of its onyx-encrusted bath. The master bedroom also has a massive walk-in closet, all coated in 24-karat gold.

Journey below the master suite and people will stumble upon a wine cellar and a home theater – both worth over $1.3 million. This is also where people can find the ski den, where the estate’s current owner has installed a private ski lift. After playing around in the snow all day, guests can retreat to a spa. This is a whole floor with complete spa amenities. It features a Himalayan salt chamber, a steam room, and state-of-the-art showers that can be programmed with various settings and colors. There’s even a sub-zero ice chamber and a private massage area.

Further below the estate is an underground lake. One that is illuminated by Swarovski crystal lights, with mirrored Italian artwork adorning its walls. The very bottom level of the Lonsdaleite estate is a six-car garage, complete with a unique turntable to ensure people won’t double-park. With some of the most exciting things – including ski slopes – right in its backyard, the Lonsdaleite is one of the world’s best winter homes in the world. With the best amenities money can buy, it is no wonder why this modern-day ice palace is the most expensive house in Switzerland.

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