Inside Sting And Trudie Stylers $8.6 Million Wiltshire Home

English singer-songwriter Sting and actress, film producer, and director Trudie Styler have been married for two decades now and their love for each other seems to grow each year. When the lovely couple met, they were just neighbors as the 70 year-old-singer lived just two doors down from the place of the 68 year old actress. When the actress saw Sting walking down the street, sparks fly and she uttered to herself that she fancies that guy. Long story short, they got married and are now two decades married.

With a combined net worth of $550 million, it is suffice to say that the two can buy any property and luxury they want. The couple owns numerous properties across the U.K. and U.S. as well and among their properties is their beautiful Wiltshire home. The couple has lived in their Wiltshire home near the Stonehenge ever since they purchased the property. Take a look inside the outrageous home of the couple.

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The Perfect House For Sting and Trudie Styler

Sting and his wife Trudie Styler purchased the estate located in Wiltshire for £7million which is approximately around $8.6 million. The couple purchased the 16th-century manor house in 1990 and has since lived in the mansion. The main house of the couple sits on an 800-acre estate and it was Styler who first found the property. According to the couple’s interview with the Architectural Digest, after Styler saw the property she immediately called Sting and told him that she finally found the perfect house for them. At the time, Sting was currently on tour in Mexico when his wife saw the property. She added that she just fell in love with the place and had a strong urge to purchase it.

When Sting asked why she was adamant on buying it, she gave him numerous reasons which were responded by silence and when she mentioned that there is a 350-year-old tree in the property’s beautiful garden, Sting immediately replied with buy it. When the couple finally moved in, each member of their family was given their own space and everyone seemed pleased with the move in as the estate is massive and there is enough space for everyone.

Soothing Space For Sting And Trudie Styler

The massive living room of the estate has aesthetically pleasing wooden panels on the walls with some intricate woodland paintings all over the ceiling. The furniture inside the house includes a baroque-print green and a beautiful pink velvet sofa that gives off the ancient vibe of the house. The couple has shared multiple photos of their abode and one picture showed their stunning and massive open log fireplace with a wicker basket on the side. The family always spends lovely Christmas time at the house since the house has a huge and beautiful reception room that has some red and cream baroque-print wallpaper.

The enormous mansion has tall ceilings which run throughout the entire place. The English musician revealed that during the height of the pandemic lockdown, he most stayed in the music room and just meditates. The music room was beautifully designed with rust orange walls and vaulted ceilings with a large baroque rug and green flooring which was perfectly designed. The English actress often shares snaps of their beautiful garden and she claims that the gigantic tree on the property is her favorite. The house is perfect for small gathering as well having its own lake, conservatory and a large swimming pool outdoors. There is also a small lake house which has two deck areas that sits on both sides. The estate of Sting and Trudie Styler also has a wine cellar where they can spend some quality time together while sipping some wine while relaxing.

Sting And Styler’s Personal Space Inside The Mansion

The estate has a massive dining hall which Sting turned into his own studio. Sting also designed the estate’s library and made it his own space. The couple worked with designer Alain Mertens to renovate the 16th-century manor house in Wiltshire according to their liking and preference. Among the favorite space of the Every Breath You Take singer is the ancient copper beech in the mansion. Sting would disappear a lot of times and can be found under the tree with his guitar in hand where he makes music. The musician loved the hammock in the boathouse as it gives him a little solitude where he can just meditate and just get lost in the moment.

Just like Sting, the actress and producer also has her personal space in the mansion. Sting has his boathouse for his escape, and Styler has the downstairs room for her taking. She claimed that she mostly stays at the room if she feels like wanting some alone time as well. However her massive room contains a piano since the English musician wanted to have a room for piano so a piano was placed inside the room. She also has an office where she basically works on different projects.

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