Joanna Jedrzejczyk pictured leaving hospital after suffering shocking hematoma at UFC 248 in her loss to Zhang Weili – The Sun

JOANNA JEDRZEJCZYK has been pictured leaving hospital after suffering a huge hematoma in her defeat to Weili Zhang at UFC 248.

The Polish star was rushed to hospital after the defeat but ESPN reporter Ariel Helwani confirmed Jedrzejczyk was discharged from hospital with no significant injuries.

A haematoma is a large bruise under the skin, when blood causes a major swelling which often needs to be drained surgically.

Zhang, who was also taken to hospital afterwards, retained her strawweight title at UFC 248 via split decision after a fight widely-acclaimed to be have been greatest female MMA battle ever.

UFC president Dana White led the plaudits afterwards, tweeting “F***ing incredible fight!”

The Polish challenger’s forehead began to swell in the third round and by the fourth the lump had swollen even more.

But the warriors continued on until the final bell in a displays of grit, skill and pure guts.

Both stars bodies showed the fierceness of the clash post-fight – but it was Jedrzejczyk grotesquely swollen head that had everyone talking.

Jedrzejczyk caused Zhang all sorts of problems with her movement and in the third she opened up a bit on Zhang as she switched to southpaw, landing a number of clean lefts.

But Zhang showed her metal over the final two as her punches began to take their toll as she targeted the challenger’s head, staggering her on a few occasions.

However, Jedrzejczyk refused to go down easily and gathered herself numerous times to take it to the score cards.

And it would be Zhang who retained by the narrowest of margins as she won the split decision.

Two judges had it 48-47 for Zhang, while the third had it 48-47 for Jedrzejczyk.

Former champion Jedrzejczyk said: "You see my swelling. She did great. There was something missing but I felt all the punches and the swelling was bothering me. My head was going on and off. Congrats, champ. I'm very happy we had a good fight."

Following the points win, Zhang said: "I wasn't really sure that I got it, it was a great performance and we're all martial artists here.

"We're artisans, we don't want any trash talk here, we want mutual respect. We want to set a good example for the kids."

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