Katie Price’s hunky ex-fiance Leo’s blissful new life selling avocados from van

Katie Price's ex-fiance Leandro Penna is enjoying a blissful new life selling avocados nine years after their split.

The Argentinian hunk and former reality show star has reinvented himself during the coronavirus pandemic and launched a new business named Paltas Royal.

Dedicated Leandro – known as Leo – wakes up at 5am each morning and drives his fruit-laden truck around Santiago, Chile going door-to-door to win customers.

"This work is hard and sacrificed, especially when you have to meet clients," he said.

"I get home late, I go to bed almost at one in the morning."

Leo, 35, enjoyed a whirlwind relationship with ex-glamour model Katie after locking eyes at one of Elton John's parties in 2011.

The relationship came two years after her split from Peter Andre and while her divorce to cagefighter Alex Reid was being finalised.

Katie, then 33, and Leo, who was 26, announced in April 2012 they were engaged.

"I surprised Katie with a sparkly ring," he said at the time after popping the question on a skiing holiday.

"Our story is no longer just a romance. Now we’re committed."

Mum-of-five Pricey even got toyboy Leo's name tattooed on her ankle.

But the pair weren't meant to be and they called off the relationship in October that same year before rekindling two months later – and then finishing for good.

Leo, a model and TV presenter, went on to rant to South American Caras   magazine: "I left her simply because she is crazy.

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"Katie's brain is not wired right, or the wires don't connect properly. I don't know what's wrong with her. I was thinking it over recently and one day decided to pack my bags and leave. There was nothing else I could do. She was driving me insane."

Katie at the time released a more dignified statement on her website and said: "Leo and I have had a lovely fun time for a couple of years, we will always feel deep affection for each other, but sometimes relationships just run their course.

"We really wish each other nothing but the very best and will remain best of friends, whoever he eventually settles down with will be a very lucky girl."

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She later admitted on Loose Women the relationship was a "sham" and she regretted getting back together after they split.

She said: "The thing with me and Leo, it was all a sham really because he should never have come back.

"The best thing I did was get rid of him. I kept telling him to get out of my house and he was saying, 'No, me stay'.

"He didn't work and he'd wait for me to come home. There's nothing worse than coming home and someone's on the sofa just waiting for you. It's not a challenge, is it?"

Meanwhile, Leo seems to be enjoying a more laid-back life posing in the sunshine, on bikes and sharing inspirational messages.

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In October he announced his new avocado business and said: "I present my new avocado venture @paltasroyal

"Thanks to all the businesses that gave us confidence, to all the avocado-loving customers and to those merchants who have not yet bought them, do not hesitate."

Speaking of the decision to open the business he said: "As I am quite restless and had to do something, a friend told me 'hey, see if you get on with the avocado issue'.

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"So I grabbed and got a little truck that I rented from a friend, I started with 100 kilos. Then 300, 500 and so I added."

He hopes by the end of 2021 he will have 20 employees and be selling to supermarkets.

"It would be wonderful," he added.

Meanwhile, after Katie and Leo split she went on to get married to Kieran Hayler before he cheated and they divorced.

Katie, 42, has now found her 'Prince Charming' and is dating former Love Island star Carl Woods, 31.

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