Kelly Clarkson Nearly Tossed By Chair On ‘The Voice’ And We Can’t Stop Watching

Kelly Clarkson nearly got knocked to the floor during an episode of “The Voice” this week when her motorized chair abruptly began rotating.

The singer and co-host of the NBC reality show had slammed her button to approve competitor Samuel Wilco’s audition for the competition with a moving performance of Stevie Wonder’s “Lately.”

Co-host Nick Jonas also pressed his button, and turned his powered chair so that both he and Clarkson faced the stage when Wilco’s performance ended. As the two judges stood on the base of their chairs and clapped, the motorized contraptions whipped back around, nearly sending Clarkson flying.

″Y’all quit messing with me. I’m in heels,” shouted Clarkson, as she was helped off (and then back on) the broken chair. “Oh damn.” 

You can watch the exact moment in the GIF below, or in the above video at the 1:39 mark.

To Clarkson’s dismay, Wilco ― spoiler alert! ― ends up choosing Jonas as his coach for the singing competition, so her chair scare was basically for nothing.

Still, Clarkson remained chipper, showing the kind of energy we all need to adopt when things go awry. Never change, Kelly.


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