Kenya Moore Accuses Garcelle Beauvais of Pulling 'Race Card' on Kyle Richards

Moore’s words come after Garcelle and Kyle Richards had an eye-opening conversation about racial stereotypes on the show.

Kenya Moore has clearly been watching “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” this season and last night accused Garcelle Beauvais of pulling “the race card” on costar Kyle Richards.

Earlier this season, Kyle and Garcelle sat down to hash out their reunion drama, after Richards accused Garcelle of not making good on the $5K bid she made during a charity auction for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Beauvais explained the payment simply “fell through the cracks innocently,” before both confirmed she later paid it in full.

Garcelle wondered whether Kyle would have called out “one of the white women” in the cast if they had done the same thing, telling Richards she felt like “it was weaponized towards me being a Black woman.” Kyle said she didn’t have “any issue” with Beauvais, who explained that there’s a stereotype around the Black community that “we don’t pay for our rent, that we don’t tip.”

Garcelle Beauvais Accuses Kyle Richards of 'Weaponizing' Charity Nonpayment Claim

When Kyle exclaimed that she doesn’t have “any issue” with Beauvais, Garcelle then explained why the accusation was especially cutting to her as a Black woman. After Garcelle’s explanation, Kyle told her she “totally” understood what she was saying. “And for that, I apologize,” she added, “I wasn’t thinking of it like that at all. I appreciate you sharing that with me, I do. I really do.”

While they seemed to clear the air, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore wasn’t having any of it.

“I don’t think @KyleRichards calling Garcelle out about not paying her donation has anything to do with color,” she tweeted on Thursday night. “It’s not a black or white issue it’s a green issue. Let’s not pull the race card every episode. They weren’t cool at the time. Glad they talked it through #RHOBH”

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She watered down her stance by retweeting a fan who said Kyle probably wouldn’t have brought up the issue “if she knew Garcelle’s perspective,” and said conversations like the one the two had “help us realize, learn and grow.” The fan, however, also said they believed Richards would have brought it up with “anyONE she was beefing with.” Moore only added a simple, “Agreed.”

Moore later called Garcelle “a great addition” to the RHOBH cast, before responding to someone calling her initial comments about Beauvais “undermining sellout s—.”

“IMO Kyle would have called ANYONE out who she was beefing with-black OR white,” tweeted Moore. “I’m a fan of @GarcelleB and [RHONY star] @EboniKWilliams is a beast! We can be objective to facts and sensitive.”

“RHOBH” airs Wednesdays on Bravo.

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