Kim! Khloe! A Look Inside a Kardashian Dermatology Appointment

An eye for aesthetics! If you ask Us, Kim Kardashian is the equivalent of superwoman. The 40-year-old beauty boss has quite the lengthy list of accomplishments, but according to her dermatologist, Dr. Simon Ourian, she could add “consultant” to her resume. 

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The 54-year-old MDO Skin founder, who also works with Lady Gaga, Megan Fox and Olivia Culpo, exclusively told Us Weekly that he and Kim see “eye to eye” on pretty much everything from the second she steps foot in his office. 

“I’ve always told her that she could be a consultant for a plastic surgeon. She knows exactly what can and cannot be done. She knows exactly what should be done,” Dr. Ourian told Stylish. “She brings some of her friends over and a lot of times, the diagnosis that she’s made for them is the same diagnosis that I make. We have a very similar understanding of what aesthetics make sense for someone’s face and what directions we can go. I have a lot of tremendous respect for her opinions because they’re very educated, very smart and very articulate.” 

While Kim is in a league of her own, the Epione Beverly Hills founder explained the majority of his celebrity clientele, which includes Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian, are “very aware” of how they want to look after filler, botox or other non-invasive procedures. 

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“This is what they do for a living. They are always on camera. They look at their features all the time, so they know what direction they should go and it’s up to me to tell them if it’s technically possible or not,” Dr. Ourian said. 

He explained that his conversations are “usually about if I can get them to level or not” and then they decide on a plan that “makes sense.” After all, most patients don’t want a “drastic change.” “They want to just make millimeter corrections at a time … If they come once every couple months or once a month, we make little changes. And after a year, if you look at their pictures, you’re like, ‘Oh, I see the difference.’” 

While Dr. Ourian can’t speak to what work his clients have had done, he was able to break down some of the most popular procedures in his star-studded practice. One of the crowd favorites? Non-invasive body contouring!

In addition to waist-slimming treatments that can “freeze or melt the fat” by way of radio frequency or ultrasound, Dr. Ourian also does his fair share of butt lifting and enhancing — no knife necessary. 

Using FDA-approved injections that are “very similar to the fillers you use for your lips,” he’s able to “enhance the size of the buttox or perhaps even remove some cellulite.” Granted, getting a bigger and smoother booty takes a “bit more product” than what you need for a plumper pout. 

“As good as it sounds, it also has side effects,” he cautioned. “So you have to be very careful with who does it, what products they use, how much you use — don’t go crazy with them and do it gradually.” 

He’s also been seeing a lot of patients who want amp up facial contouring. “Whether it’s because they’ve gained some weight or they want to look like their alter-ego that they see in the filtered version of themselves, they want to have high cheekbones, they want to have a nice contour, a jaw line or a better nose,” Dr. Ourian told Stylish. “We can do this now without having to put people out — I can do injections for them and they can end up looking the way they want to.” 

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Cosmetic procedures have a time and place, but at the end of the day, good skin starts with — you guessed it — good skincare! In fact, it’s in part what inspired Dr. Ourian to launch his own line, MDO. 

With everything from concentrated vitamin C serums that enhance brightness and epidermal growth factor ampoules that keep skin looking pump to sculpting wands that help lift the skin, the MDO regime is a glow-boosting and insanely effective lineup.  

But the brand is about to shake up the beauty space, as Dr. Ourian plans to launch “therapeutic makeups.” Think: makeup that isn’t just good for your skin — but that you can also sleep in (!!). 

“Most people who wear makeup, we tell them to take it off at night. But this [new product] actually helps them. The formula has vitamin C, vitamin A, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid — things that are actually good for you skin and leave a nice and luxurious silky feel,” the cosmetic dermatologist explained. “I don’t want to sound crazy, but it’s going to be very revolutionizing for the whole field of makeup.” 

So while we anxiously await the brand’s new launches, in the meantime, we can shop the brand’s current lineup on 

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