Line of Duty acronyms – What do OCG and UCO mean in the BBC One drama?

LINE of Duty is being re-run again from the first episode.

At times it is hard to crack the police jargon in the series. Here's a list of all the acronyms that may crop up during the show.

Line of Duty acronyms and what they mean.

AMIP – Area Major Incident Pool

ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition

ARU – Armed Response Unit

ARV – Armed Response Vehicle

ASP – Assistant Superintendent of Police

ATT – At This Time

B&E – Breaking and entering

BIP – Burglary In Progress

Blue-on-blue – Accidental shooting or injury of a police officer by a colleague

BOP – Breach Of the Peace Brains Department

BTP – British Transport Police

CAD – Computer Aided Dispatch (Room)

CIB – Complaints Investigation Bureau

CID – Criminal Investigation Department

CIS – Crime Information System

CPS – Crown Prosecution Service

CrimInt – Criminal Intelligence

D&D – Drunk and Disorderly

DIC – Drunk In Charge (of a vehicle)

DIP – Drunk In Public

DMV – Dead Motor Vehicle

DPS – Directorate of Professional Standards

DVU – Domestic Violence Unit

ETA – Expected Time of Arrival

FATACC / Fat’Ac – Fatal Accident

FLO – Family Liaison Officer

FME – Forensics Medical Examiner

GBH – Grievous Bodily Harm

Going Up The Road – Refers to Crown Court

HOCR – Home Office Counting Rules

IC – Identification Codes

IC9 – Unknown

ID – Identification

IR – Information Room

IRTC – Injury Road Traffic Collision

IRV – Incident Response Vehicle Job – A crime, especially a robbery

K9 – Dog Unit

Lag – A prison inmate

LEO – Local Enforcement Officer

LIO – Local Intelligence Officer

M2MP – Full call sign for main set channel for Information Room

MISPER – A missing person

MIT – Major incident team

MOE – Method Of Entry

MP – Metropolitan Police information room (Scotland Yard)

MSS – Message Switching System

NCPA – No Cause for Police Action

NCS – National Crime Squad

NDIU – National Drugs Intelligence Unit

NDP – Notice to Detained Persons

NFA – No Further Action; No Fixed Abode

NIB – National Identification Bureau

NOK – Next Of Kin

OB – Occurrence Book

OCG – Organized Crime Group

OBBO – Observation

OP – Observation Point

PAAOTCO – Please Ask An Officer To Call On

PACE – Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984

PCSO – Police Community Support Officer

PIT – Precision Immobilisation Technique Manoeuvre

POLCOL – Police Collision

POLSA – Police Search Adviser

POLSTA – Police Station

RCU – Road Crime Unit

RTA – Road Traffic Accident

RTC – Road Traffic Collision

SC – Special Constable

SCD – Specialist Crime Directorate

SCG – Serious Crime Group SO – Specialist Operations

SOCA – Serious and Organised Crime Agency

SPG – Special Patrol Group (now abolished)

TADA or TDA – Theft of a motor vehicle. Abbreviation for Taking and Driving Away

TAG – Tactical Aid Group

TC – Traffic Collision

TFU – Tactical Firearms Unit

TOA – Time of Arrival

TSG – Territorial Support Group

TWOC – Illegal removal of a vehicle. Abbreviation of Taking Without Owner’s Consent

UCO – Under Cover Of

U/K – Unknown

VDRS – Vehicle Defects Rectification Scheme

VIN – Vehicle Identification Number

VRN – Vehicle Registration Number

VSS – Victim Support Scheme

WDC – Woman Detective Constable

WDS – Woman Detective Sergeant

WINQ – Warrant Inquiry

WPC – Woman Police Constable

Yard, The – New Scotland Yard

When is Line of Duty series five on BBC One?

The fifth season of Line Of Duty concludes TONIGHT, (May, 5 2019) at 9pm, with an extended episode that airs until 10.25pm.

After series four concluded, the BBC announced Line Of Duty had been renewed for two more series – so we'll be getting a series six too.

BBC director-general Tony Hall said: "I am very excited to say there’s not one but two more series of Line Of Duty. So hooray for AC-12!"

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