Listen to BbyMutha's New Album "Muthaland"

Chattanooga, Tennessee rapper BbyMutha dropped off her latest album Muthaland over the weekend, and in all likelihood, it will be her last. Through 25 ambitious tracks, she brings her singular lyricism and knack for experimentation to each song and skit for a truly unforgettable final farewell.

Back in July 2019, BbyMutha joined us for HYPEBEAST Radio’s MIC/LINE to talk about her creative process and growth as an artist while she was working on this album. “I’m not the top artist in the country right now, and I don’t have millions of fans, but I have enough fans to live comfortably right now. I don’t see the point in not staying true to my music. I’mma make what I wanna make,” she said at the time.

After collaborating with Detroit producer Black Noi$e for “Mutha Magick,” she taps guests like Liv.e, Na-Kel Smith, Zelooperz, Yung Baby Tate, Swerzie and Kindora. While the LP is currently only available to stream on Bandcamp, she did promise that it’s headed to streaming services in the near future.

To accompany the project’s release, BbyMutha took to Twitter to confirm that she’ll be walking away from music. “I hope y’all enjoy Muthaland,” she tweeted. “I been working on it for years. It coulda came out a long time ago but I’m hard on myself and I’m glad that I am. I’m happy with the way I’m exiting. I’m still gonna make music. Y’all prolly jus will never hear it lol maybe on IG snippets or sumn.”

Listen to Muthaland below and watch her new music video for “11:11.” In more music updates, Detroit producer Black Noi$e joined HYPEBEAST for a new interview centered around his experimental project Oblivion.

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