Meghan Markle's Go-To Shoe Brand Just Got Even Better

Meghan Markle's fashion choices rarely happen without special meaning or cause — just this week, she wore all-female designers in honor of International Women's Day. As part of her commitment to subtle messaging, many of the brands she chooses to support often align with her mission to make the world a better place for women.


Take Soludos, for example, a brand known for its sustainably-made shoes, including leather mules and wedged espadrilles, which Markle has been seen wearing on several occasions. Last week, Soludos launched apparel for the first time, and did so in a way that makes the company even more aligned with Markle's work.


The new collection features 17 pieces, including easy, beach-ready tops, long wrap dresses that are perfect for summer vacation, and wide-leg jumpsuits that can be worn from the couch to the office. The best part, though, is that the majority of the new collection is certified Fair Trade.


Soludos News Apparel Launch
Soludos News Apparel Launch


"We are committed to doing our best for the earth and those who live in it, and we felt the decision to work with Global Organic Textile Standard, and Fair Trade certify just made sense," brand founder Nick Brown tells InStyle. "Fair Trade encourages sustainable cotton production and is the only standard to provide economic benefits for cotton seed farmers."


According to the Clean Clothes Organization, 80% of garment workers are women, something Brown took into consideration when seeking out the certification. "Through Fair Trade, thousands of cotton farmers have already achieved better lives. Specifically, around productivity and gender equality — women farmers are starting to receive the same benefits as male counterparts, from voting rights to equal pay," he explains. "The majority of pieces have this certification — all of the cotton poplin, cotton voile, and cotton duck use Fair Trade fabrics coming from Fair Trade certified mills."


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The apparel is also designed to speak to the same customer who fell in love with the brand because of the simple design and the well-made quality of its shoes. "When wearing our clothes, we want these women to feel the same sense of ease they get from being on vacation, even when they are just running errands. Part of that feel-good mindset comes from knowing the pieces they buy are crafted with care for the people and production methods used to make these products."

Everything from the collection is under $200 and is available now on

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